Prepared for education during a pandemic

St. Edmond announces reopening plan

With school fast approaching during a global pandemic, St. Edmond Catholic School is allowing parents to decide how their children will be educated.

The three models of instruction available include: onsite learning, hybrid learning and distance learning.

“To honor our partnership with parents, we have offered a distance learning option for our families,” said Principal Abby Glass, who is entering her first year in that role. “This allows parents to choose the best educational experience for their children as we continue to navigate the COVID pandemic. We understand this will help parents be able to continue providing their children with an excellent Catholic education whether onsite or through distance learning.”

St. Edmond plans to start school on Aug. 24 with onsite learning. Additional cleaning, social distancing training and health/safety plans have been adopted.

Face coverings will be used regularly.

“As we were planning for onsite learning, we wanted to ensure the safety of our students and teachers,” Glass said. “We have required all teachers and students to wear face coverings for most, but not all, of the school day.

“There will be opportunities for students to take breaks from their face coverings when they are safely physically distanced and in other environments such as recess, lunch, and physical education. “

The hybrid method of instruction may be used for specific student health concerns or a lack of readiness to return to the onsite model, according to Glass.

Those interested in the hybrid option should contact Glass.

Distance learning involves students learning remotely. Glass said distance learning would be used in emergency situations when onsite learning is not possible.

“Our parents have been provided with detailed information on the safety measures we are implementing this fall in our return to learn plan,” Glass said. “Our school community worked in partnership with administration, teachers, parents and students to collaboratively build a plan that would be best suited for our St. Edmond family.”

About 600 students are enrolled at St. Edmond for the upcoming year.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Glass remains optimistic in delivering the best education possible.

“Even though this pandemic presents challenges as we prepare for returning to school this fall, I feel we are also presented with an opportunity in education,” Glass said. “Our St. Edmond teachers have put forth an amazing effort to begin to adjust to the shift COVID has placed on traditional learning methods. The positive is that teachers are growing, learning, re-thinking and adapting so that they can continue to provide the best educational experience for our students. They are exploring new ways to think about how we can educate our students in the 21st century.”


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