Traveling during COVID-19

Take precautions to stay healthy

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many seniors have had to cancel or postpone their vacations. However, four months into the pandemic, many are starting to get stir crazy at home and are looking for a quick getaway.

While looking to travel over the next several weeks, or even several months, seniors should be aware of areas where COVID-19 is on the rise.

“My suggestion is if you’re wanting to get out, do it by car so that you’re more alone or with an immediate group or family,” said Rhonda Strutzenberg, who works with Northland Travel Agency, located in Friendship Haven.

She also suggests checking ahead to the areas you want to visit to see if restaurants are open and what hours the sites and attractions are open.

“Wear your masks, have your hand sanitizer, all those types of precautions that we’ve been hearing about from the World Health Organization and the CDC,” Strutzenberg said. “Try not to go to very populated areas.”

When COVID-19 arrived in Iowa, Northland Travel, as well as other travel agencies, had to cancel or postpone their bus tours.

“The senior age group is a lot of our motor coach travelers, so we want everybody to be safe,” Strutzenberg said.

When Northland does begin to offer its bus tours again, there will be some changes. Normally, the motor coaches hold 50 people, but Northland will only be booking at half capacity to allow passengers to space out.

“We are providing masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to anybody traveling with us,” Strutzenberg said.

Northland will also increase its cleaning and sanitizing of the motor coaches between stops.

Strutzenberg said Northland Travel is keeping in touch with the vendors it uses in the different areas of its tours to see what the COVID-19 danger is in those areas.

She said most of the trips Northland Travel plans are scheduled 10 months to a year ahead, but COVID-19 has caused some challenges with that.

“We just want everybody to be safe and not jeopardize anyone’s health,” she said.


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