To protect and serve: Tony Walter, sergeant, Webster County Sheriff’s Office

Tony Walter

How long have you been in law enforcement?

I’ve been 16 years with the Sheriff’s Office.

What other law enforcement positions/departments have you served in?

I started my career and spent two years as a police officer for the city of Humboldt. I’ve been in law enforcement for 18 years.

What’s an interesting fact about you that some might not know?

In 2008 I dedicated myself to trying to live a healthier life. I started working out by lifting weights, cycling, and running. I lost over 50 pounds and I now have a habit of working out at least once if not twice a day to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

What’s the most memorable incident you’ve responded to?

There are many memorable moments in my 18 years of service. Some are positive and some are not in this line of work.

One of my positive memories was as a young officer, while on patrol, I heard a dog barking that sounded distressed. I located him in a creek struggling to stay above water. His chain, which he had broken loose from his tie out, had become tangled in the water. I removed my boots and was able to wade into the water and get him out.

We reunited him with his family and the happiness that was visible in them was unforgettable. I am not sure it is the MOST memorable but it is one I will surely never forget.

What’s the best part of your day?

The best part of my work day has to be the time I get to spend with my canine partner. Whether it is training, or simply playing fetch. It was one of my career goals and has been an extremely rewarding assignment over the last 13 years.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your job?

The most satisfying part of my job is those moments where you know that, after finishing a call, you have made a positive impact on someone’s life by being there when they need you and helping them with whatever situation they needed help with.

What’s the toughest part about your job?

The toughest part of the job are handling situations where someone has lost their life, and then notifying their loved ones. It is a crushing feeling and is 100% of the time HEARTBREAKING. I dread the moments where I have to do this.


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