Positive COVID-19 case confirmed at Friendship Haven

One resident has tested positive for COVID-19 at Friendship Haven.

Julie Thorson, president and CEO of Friendship Haven, announced the positive case Wednesday on a video on the care center’s Facebook page.

Webster County has had 47 positive cases, according to the Webster County Public Health Department. One death has been reported.

Thorson said the positive case at Friendship Haven is a resident of the Simpson Health Center who resides in Stone Heights.

“We have put additional guidelines in place to keep our residents and employees safe and protected,” Thorson said.

Testing began Wednesday for all residents and employees of Simpson Health Center.

“Our plan is to test everyone on the Friendship Haven campus, but as you can imagine with as many employees and residents that we have that will take a little bit to put together,” Thorson said.

She said the plan is to get all residents and employees of Simpson Health Center tested by today.

In announcing the positive case, Thorson thanked Friendship Haven employees for their work.

“We want to thank our employees for coming in off hours to be tested and the work they have been doing so far,” Thorson said. “I am confident we are well prepared and we will be able to contain and isolate this virus.”

Thorson said as the state begins to open businesses back up, staff at Friendship Haven continues to be cautious.

“The rest of the state is opening up,” she said. “Some things it appears are getting back to normal. Well, not for us. At Friendship Haven, the fight continues. And I sincerely appreciate the work our team members are doing. In fact, today just announced before we knew about our positive case, was a thank you bonus for all team members. $150 was provided to all team members to simply say, ‘thank you.'”


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