Supports mayor’s stimulus plan

To the editor:

I favor getting the economy back up and running in the most responsible way possible. If we consider the low levels of transmission in Webster County and the precautions people can and are taking, we should weigh what we are presently doing against unintended consequences of remaining locked down too long. The calculus of life saved through mitigation efforts must be compared to life saved through economic efforts. There are responsible ways to keep working that can be applied to many work areas and job sites: masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, let the contractors work without distraction: we can be very safe. Resumption of work will prevent injuries and deaths of despair ranging from mild anxiety, to negative health implications of sedentary life, all the way to the unthinkable with domestic violence and other hopeless acts of desperation. There is a lot of good work going on at UnityPoint (Health) for more than mere handling of the virus: people should reach out to the Berryhill Center if they need that help. We can safely get back to work, and we should. If the virus starts spread approaching what we cannot handle, we will need to be ready to dial back up mitigation efforts, but now is the time to dial those down as we make modest economic recovery efforts. How can we as a community band together and make our own recovery effort; do we need the state and federal governments to tell us what to do? I strongly approve of Mayor Bemrich’s leadership to risk his name and reputation by proposing how we as a community may lead the nation in responsible recovery efforts.

Jacob Trunnell

Fort Dodge


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