Shining a light on hospital workers: Adrianne Peters

Editor’s note: In honor of National Hospital Week, The Messenger is delighted to feature seven people who work at our local hospital, UnityPoint Health — Trinity Regional Medical Center. One person will be featured a day over the course of the next seven issues of The Messenger. Each one of these people hold important positions at the hospital that may not always be recognized. We hope you enjoy getting to know them.

Adrianne Peters

Fort Dodge

What’s your job at UnityPoint Health —

Trinity Regional Medical Center?

Staff pharmacist (Inpatient Pharmacy)

How long have you worked at the hospital?

8.5 years

What’s the toughest part about your job?

I think the toughest part of being a pharmacist actually comes when I am working in retail. We all know drug prices can be high, deductibles have to be met, and copays may be more than expected. It’s awful knowing that at times a patient can’t afford to get their medications due to cost or have to choose between their medicine or other necessities. Luckily there are often ways for a pharmacist to get a more cost-effective alternative, but unfortunately not always.

What’s an interesting fact or two

someone might not know about you?

I studied abroad when I was an undergraduate at Luther College. I spent a five-week J-term traveling in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. Although I did not speak a word of Russian, it was a great experience. The history and culture are something I will never forget. This is the only time I have left the United States, and I decided to travel to the other side of the world!

How has the COVID-19 pandemic

changed what you do on a daily basis?

The most obvious response to this question is that since COVID-19 we have to be more vigilant with our normal interactions. We have to wear a mask and wear gloves doing things that were once just second nature to us. A more specific change to my job includes closely monitoring our supply of particular medications. We all work together to make certain these medications continue to be utilized in the most appropriate ways to ensure they are available if or when they are needed. COVID has made us hypersensitive to things we all once took for granted.

If you could have dinner with

someone famous, who would it be?

This is actually a tough question. But one person who I find particularly interesting is Marie Curie. She was a brilliant woman and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in science (chemistry and physics). Her accomplishments include things we use to this day in modern medicine (including X-rays). I would just love to sit, listen and soak in her knowledge.

What’s the best part of your day?

I love coming to work. I find value in the things we do. Sometimes successes are small; other days they are more significant. We have a great group of people in the pharmacy department who all work together for the benefit of our patients.


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