Truck wreck causes diesel fuel spill

PALMER — A truck crashed into a ditch in rural Pocahontas County Thursday morning, causing a diesel fuel spill that required the response of the regional hazardous materials team.

The crash happened at 7 a.m. on County Road N65, one mile south of County Road C49, according to the Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies reported that a truck went into the ditch beside the road. The name of the driver and other details of the crash weren’t available.

When the truck crashed, its saddle tank containing diesel fuel ruptured. Diesel fuel leaked out, and some of it got into a nearby stream. That prompted a call to the Region V Hazardous Materials Response Team operated by the Fort Dodge Fire Department.

Fort Dodge Fire Chief Steve Hergenreter said the team had two tasks — containing the fuel that escaped and pumping the rest of it out of the saddle tank. He said firefighters drilled a hole in the tank to pump out the rest of the fuel.

It’s not clear how much fuel escaped. Typical saddle tanks can hold 200 to 250 gallons.


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