Messenger readers warned of scam

Readers of The Messenger need to be aware of an apparent telephone scam targeting them.

Some people have reported receiving phone calls from an individual identifying themselves as a representative of the local newspaper. The caller claims that the newspaper could not process the person’s last payment. The individual is then asked to dial 1 to correct the problem.

These phone calls are not being made by The Messenger. The Messenger does not seek payments in that manner.

No one should give any payments to the individual making these calls.

”It’s no secret that in this day and age the scam calls we are seeing are definitely increasing,” said Fort Dodge Police Capt. Ryan Gruenberg. ”They basically lure the people into giving them money and sometimes lots of money.”

Gruenberg said if anyone receives a phone call soliciting money that they are suspicious about, they should end the phone call without agreeing to give any money or personal information. Then they can call the organization that the phone call supposedly came from to find out if it was legitimate. They can also seek the advice of a friend, relative or the police.

”Certainly don’t hesitate to call the Police Department,” Gruenberg said.


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