Fort Dodge man enters guilty plea for first-degree robbery

Foy robbed man at gunpoint

CLARION — A Fort Dodge man accused of ordering a man to get on his knees while brandishing a gun and ultimately stealing $350 and a cell phone, has entered a guilty plea on the charges of first-degree robbery and second-degree theft.

That plea from Blair Foy, 28, was filed on Wednesday, according to online records.

According to criminal complaints, at around 2 a.m. on Sept. 14, Foy displayed a semi-automatic handgun with a suppressor and ordered a man to get on his knees.

After the man complied, Foy took a set of vehicle keys, $350 in cash in $50 increments and a cell phone.

Police believe Foy attempted to force the man into the vehicle he had arrived in, but he was able to escape from Foy with the help of distractions from another party present.

The cell phone was later recovered in a vehicle in which Foy had arrived and departed the scene of the crime, in the 400 block of South Lucas Avenue in Eagle Grove.

First-degree robbery is a class C felony. Second-degree theft is a class D felony.

Foy faces a total of 15 years in prison on the two charges.