Fallen tree causes power outage

A fallen tree on the 300 block of G Street, near Riverside Early Learning Center, caused a power outage for 958 MidAmerican Energy customers on Wednesday afternoon.

The power outage was reported at 2:19 p.m. Callers stated that a tree went down on a power line and also hit a parked car, MidAmerican Energy said.

Power was restored around 4:30 p.m., according to Lt. Joe Bates of the Fort Dodge Police Department.

Bates said that while the tree did take down a power line, it did not hit any cars or property and no one was injured.

“It looks like it was a dead tree that just finally fell,” Bates said.

The power outage affected two major intersections in the area, taking out the traffic lights at Kenyon Road and Avenue E, and at the intersection of U.S Highway 169 and Triton Circle, Bates said. Police officers were present at those intersections to direct traffic until stop signs could be brought out.

The police also shut down the street with the fallen tree so MidAmerican Energy crews could work to make repairs and restore power.


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