‘Take Our Town Back FD’ to clean Oleson Park

A newly formed Facebook group is taking their comments online and turning them into action today at Oleson Park.

The group called Take Our Town Back FD is gathering at the park around 5 p.m. to pick up trash.

“I feel with all the recent violence that’s gone on that I just want to do something good for this town,” said Andrea Freeman, of Fort Dodge. Freeman started the group on Facebook.

“I alone don’t have the answers to fix our town, but I want to do something to contribute to the good of this society,” she said. “As many know we’ve been called ‘Dirty Dodge’ for years for various reasons.”

Freeman thought a good place to start would be cleaning up parts of town that have become littered.

“I’ve actually been thinking about this for months how littered some parts of town looks,” Freeman said. “This, we can control.”

So Freeman opened a poll on the Take Our Town Back FD page asking what park had the most litter.

Oleson Park received the most votes.

“A group of us are going to clean it up,” Freeman said. “It’s very easy for us to sit around and complain how bad our town, but yet do nothing about it. I don’t how to end the violence or poor choices people make but I can contribute on cleaning up our parks and possibly moving into neighborhood cleanups in the future.”

For those who wish to help, Freeman said garbage sacks and rubber gloves would be welcome.

She also bought some other trash grabbers and plastic containers to place the trash in.


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