Portraits of service

Honor Flight veterans inspire Messenger photographer

Bob Brennan

The first time the veterans who are going on one of the Brushy Creek Area Honor Flights gather is about a week before the actual flight.

They are treated to a nice dinner and a program, as well as getting their hats and programs during a banquet.

They also get to have their photograph taken for a special publication they receive when they go on the flight.

When the vets come through to get their image recorded, a few joke around a bit that it’s like being back in the military, where standing in line was a common occurrence.

My usual response, “When you’re done here, the line for a haircut and your shots is over there.”

Dave Cooke

The men and women I get to photograph during the banquet always make me smile as I’m working to get them to smile. They’re my favorite group of subjects.

While I work my way through the 130 or so veterans’ portraits, there’s a second camera sitting on a table ready to be put into service.

It’s loaded with black and white film.

There’s no rule or system as to who gets recorded on film, each one just happens. Call it inspired. Call it something just speaks to me.

These are the veterans who stood patiently and let me take a few extra frames.

Jerald Petersen

Thank you gentlemen, and ladies, for your service.

George Somsky

Zelda Stadler