Neglected animals found in Manson trailer home

Pets’ owner sought by police

MANSON — Five dogs and seven cats found living in filthy conditions in a Manson trailer home were given to local authorities, and an arrest warrant has been issued for their owner, according to police.

Manson Police Chief Gerald Frick said Monday evening that one of the cats has died.

Frick said an arrest warrant for Trisha Gliem, of Fort Dodge, has been issued. He said she faces 12 counts of serious animal neglect.

The animals were surrendered to Manson police and the Calhoun County animal warden on Sept. 8.

“Relatives called us because they knew the animals were in trouble in the house,” Frick said.

He said that when she learned the officials were coming to the home, Gliem went there and surrendered the animals.

According to Frick, the animals were suffering from dehydration, open sores and multiple flea bites. The dogs were taken to a veterinarian, where Frick said they had to receive three special baths to treat their sores. The cats were taken to a cat sanctuary for care.

The trailer home they were recovered from was a mess, Frick said. He said the plywood floor was covered with dog feces and in some places the accumulated dog urine was turning the plywood into sawdust. The chief reported that the home was filled with fleas, lice and mites.

He said he did not see any food bowls in the home, and the only water he saw was in the toilet.

According to Frick, Gliem has been staying in Fort Dodge for three or four days at a time, returning to Manson periodically to check on the animals.


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