Supervisors approve funds for Camp Wanoki projects

Webster County Supervisors on Tuesday filled a vacant position, approved funding transfers for Camp Wanoki projects and named depositories for Webster County funds.

Camp Wanoki transfers approved

Supervisors approved the transfer of the Conservation Department’s 2018-19 General Fund’s unspent balance, $36,306, to the Conservation Trust Fund for Camp Wanoki projects.

“We need to move quicker than the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) process will allow,” said Matt Cosgrove, director of Webster County Conservation.

The funds will be used for stream bank sloughing issues that need to be repaired soon. The funds will also allow an electronic, timer-controlled gate to be installed.

High water levels have caused a portion of the stream bank, which cuts through Holiday Creek running through Camp Wanoki, to slough onto a nearby road.

“It’s not impacting the road yet, but it’s not very far from it,” he said.

The project will be replacing an undersized culvert that cannot handle the water levels coming through now.

“It won’t be cheap,” Cosgrove said.

“The longer we let it go, the more it’s going to start impacting (Camp Wanoki),” he said.

Webster County Conservation is hoping to get started on the improvements this fall.

Hires and wage increases

Kyle Redmond’s hire was accepted for the Trail/Natural Resource Technician position, effective July 17, with a $35,000 annual salary.

Cosgrove reminded supervisors that the position is shared with the city of Fort Dodge and Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

“It’s a position that has changed and evolved throughout the years,” he said. The position has been shared for over six years.

Pay increases were also approved for the following:

• Emma Halligan, clerk for Webster County Recorder’s Office, from $15.51 to $16.81 her hour.

• Kristina Swanson, from $1,324.59 to $1,351.08 per pay period, per recommendation of Jessica Wernimont, Child Support Recovery Unit supervisor.

• Shawna Dencklau, assistant jail administrator, increase of 75 cents per hour.

• Jacob Peck, corrections officer, to $16.32 per hour.


Supervisors approved designated depositories for the temporary holding of funds as taxes are paid. The following were designated: United Bank of Iowa for $200,000, Great Western Bank for $20 million, Northwest Bank for $12 million, First American for $600,000, Heartland Bank for $2 million, Security Savings for $2 million and People’s Credit Union for $500,000.

These are not running balances for the county’s accounts. Most funds are dispersed within days of deposit.


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