Reed: ‘This was incredibly redeeming and rewarding’

Good weather, strong crowd make for successful Shellabration

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Between 6,700 and 6,800 people turned out to Harlan and Hazel Rogers Sports Complex on June 8 to see Sammy Hagar and The Circle perform.

Jim Reed, the president of Shellabration, couldn’t be happier about the production and the turnout for Saturday’s concert featuring Sammy Hagar and The Circle.

“There’s a word that came to mind after this year’s show, and that is redemption,” Reed said. “After last year’s weather-impacted event, this was incredibly redeeming and rewarding.”

Between 6,700 and 6,800 people were in attendance at Harlan and Hazel Rogers Sports Complex to view the concert. That includes all people in the venue, Reed said.

The number of people who turned out to see Sammy Hagar marks the fifth largest crowd in Shellabration’s history. Boston set the record in 2015, when more than 8,000 people packed the park.

Shellabration in 2018 featured ZZ TOP. That concert was cut short due to storms in the area. But on Saturday, the skies were clear and the sound was on point, according to Reed.

“We requested good weather last year, but apparently it was on back order because it didn’t get delivered until this June,” Reed said. “But it’s better late than never.”

Reed said the production for this year’s Shellabration was impressive.

“The big-time magnitude of the production,” he said. “Every Shellabration show is memorable to me for different reasons, but this one just had a big-time appearance. Instead of the 40-by-40 roof structure we typically have, this year it was 60 by 40.”

A crane was used to install the aluminum towers, Reed said.

“We had to use a crane to elevate and stab them in position,” he said. “Normally we use human power to pull them up manually.”

Reed added, “The visual appearance was awesome. The roof, the split-screen LED video wall that Sammy was touring with. The lighting rig that was suspended from the roof structure. Once the lights started to go down, it was just beautiful.”

Reed said successful shows are made possible when everyone involved works well together.

“Our organization is comprised of 16 volunteer board members who give their heart and soul to this thing,” he said. “But as important as the leadership team is, we hope everyone who plays a role in this — a vendor, a sponsor, a volunteer — people who spend their time and energy on this, we hope they take pride in this as much as we do because it takes a collective effort to do what we did Saturday night.”

In terms of the next show, Reed already has a band in mind that could take center stage.

Shellabration has made an offer to Journey to headline Shellabration in 2020, Reed said.

Other artists that could possibly headline the show include: Def Leppard, Heart, or Bryan Adams.

Shellabration by the numbers

Top five crowds

Boston (2015): 8,100-8,200

ZZ TOP (2018): 7,800-7,900

Lynyrd Skynyrd (2014): 7,400-7,500

Steve Miller Band (2016): 7,100-7,200

Sammy Hagar & the Circle (2019): 6,700-6,800