NPPC cancels 2019 World Pork Expo

The National Pork Producers Council announced Wednesday they have made the decision to cancel the 2019 World Pork Expo as a precautionary step to avoid the spread of African swine fever (ASF) into the United States.

ASF continues to spread in China and other parts of Asia.

“We are a producer-led organization. The decision was made by our board of directors which is principally made up of U.S. pork producers,” said NPPC’s senior communications director. “They made the decision out of an extreme abundance of caution. The U.S. swine herd and livelihood of our producers is NPPC’s top concerns.”

Although NPPC feels the risk of ASF entering the United States through World Pork Expo is negligible even a low risk, is still a risk.

“Because our No. 1 concern is swine health and our farmers, the board decided to make the decision because we can’t say the risk is zero. And because we can’t, we decided to be conservative and make this call,” he said.