CVB brings back ‘Fireball’ director for promotion

Sanchez has been ‘huge champion’ of the area

The “Fireball Run” TV series that stopped in Fort Dodge in 2017 came with a lot of opportunities to promote Fort Dodge and Webster County.

Now J. Sanchez, the series’ executive producer, will be doing more work directly with the Fort Dodge Convention and Visitors’ Bureau to encourage more tourism to the region.

“The Fort Dodge CVB has invited producer J. Sanchez to help us realize Fort Dodge’s full entertainment and tourism potential,” said Kerrie Kuiper, CVB executive director.

“Sanchez has been a huge champion of Fort Dodge since leaving after the Fireball Run filming in September 2017,” Kuiper said Tuesday. “He has exciting ideas for Fort Dodge, but will be holding multiple meetings to evaluate the community’s current status, what current and future needs there are, and what ideas current organizations have on possible development.”

Webster County Supervisor Keith Dencklau said when the Fireball crew was here, they were impressed by all the things the county has which local people might not even think about.

“We live here in the county our whole life and we don’t realize what we really have here, and we don’t know how to promote like we should,” Dencklau said. “So he’s going to come teach us how to promote our county, maybe get more tourism here.”

Sanchez has worked on ”Unbelievable,” ”Star Trek,” and ”Passenger 57,” Kuiper said, but he has experience in the promotional field as well.

“Although we know Sanchez as a producer, before entertainment he established a highly successful ad agency working with clients like Rolls Royce, Clearchannel, Lamborghini, and American Express,” she said.

Sanchez will be working on building a top-to-bottom destination profile and analysis of Fort Dodge, she said. He’ll offer recommendations on steps to take in the next six, 12 and 18 months to improve the community as a destination.

Sanchez will work for an honorarium, Kuiper said, and the bureau will pay his travel expenses.