‘We leave our fingerprints on every heart we touch’

Rev. Pineda builds his life on three pillars: faith, family and others

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
The Rev. Jose Pineda, pastor of Rolling HIlls Community Church, says that three “pillars” form the structure of his life — faith, family and others.

What is important to you?

The things in my life that are of great value are the elements of importance. They form the pillars of structure in my life that are faith, family and others, which are of great value to me.

How do you balance your work and family life?

Two areas of great importance in our daily living are work and family. They can both demand the same level of attention that can easily become a huge load and pressure in our lives. Both of these areas can make us feel not capable of sustaining enough time. For that reason it is important and a necessary weight measurement through which you can guide yourself to have the right balance in each area. In my life, I have two things that are my weight measurement that can help me give the right balance in each area. First, I work the necessity to fill the responsibility of our needs and to fill my daily responsibility as an employee. Secondly, my wife is a great help for me balancing my life in both these areas.

What do you like best about Fort Dodge?

Fort Dodge has many things that can become the most desirable place for people to visit and for people to move in to live. The history, museums, orchard, recreational areas, indoor activities, outdoor activities and airport. In my view, Fort Dodge has what big cities normally have and much more without the big city chaos. As an adult and family member, Fort Dodge offers a place where we can develop a balanced life, a career, family time, entertainment and friendships.

What are you building for our future?

One important thought in every person’s mind is how can we reach our total potential in life. Many persons regret getting to the end of their life and being aware of how much more they could have done or accomplished. My first goal is to build in Fort Dodge a spirit of kindness, service and friendship to everyone I come to contact in my daily life. Touch people, live daily with these three elements that they will remember even when I’m gone. Secondly, the opportunity to transmit the desire for other people to practice them.

What are you working hardest on?

As you get older you come to an understanding that your life becomes one goal: what will you leave for others to remember and follow about you. I have a quote that I pursue to work hard to practice in my daily life. “In life we leave a legacy to our children; we leave our footprints wherever we are and we leave our fingerprints on every heart we touch.”

These are the things I’m trying hard to reach in my daily life.