Otho man reported missing

Family: Markle has not been seen since Wednesday

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Kris Markle, 28, has been reported missing. He was last seen at Bootleggers in Fort Dodge on Dec. 5.

A family is concerned after they say Kris Markle, 28, disappeared without a trace Wednesday night.

Markle has been reported missing, Webster County Sheriff’s Deputy Geoff Miller said, but so far police do not have a lot to go on.

Markle, who now lives in Otho, was last seen leaving Bootleggers Bar and Grill in Fort Dodge the night of Wednesday, Dec. 5, said his brother Justin Sherrill and sister Allysa Degraaf.

“We’re not sure what’s going on. There’s been no sign of him,” said Degraaf. “There have been no credit card transactions, nobody’s seen his car, there’s been no cell phone activity, no Facebook activity, nothing.”

Markle is about 5 foot 10, 165 to 175 pounds, they said, with blue eyes, brown hair, a full brown beard and two front top missing teeth. He has a tattoo on his hand (k.l.m), and was last seen wearing a blue Seahawks beanie, tan Carhart jacket, jeans, brown and orange cowboy boots, and a black hoodie under his jacket.

-Submitted photo
Kris Markle was last seen driving a red 1998 Subaru Legacy wagon with black rims and a missing driver’s side window, Washington license plate BIA4716.

He was driving a 1998 Subaru Legacy wagon, with a Washington license plate of BIA4716. It has black rims and runs loud, the family said, and is missing its driver’s side window.

He recently moved to Iowa from Washington, and was living with his fiance Bobbie Jo Thomas.

“My brother’s not one of those bad kinds of people that disappears and does stuff like that. He’s got a daughter and a son in Iowa with him, and then he’s got two daughters over here,” said Sherrill, who lives in Washington. “He’s a very good father; he works hard every single day.”

“He hasn’t showed up for work; he hasn’t picked up his check on payday,” Degraaf said.

“I am very concerned about it,” Sherrill said.

The circumstances are not clear, Sherrill said. Markle’s car is missing, but bartenders told Sherrill he arrived at the bar walking.

“He supposedly left with some people who say he didn’t leave with them,” Sherrill said. “And the person who supposedly went to the bar with him has given three or four different statements.”

Miller said that as far as they know, Markle left the bar of his own free will.

Officials are still looking for video and hoping someone will call in with more information about Markle, or that the car will turn up.

“We haven’t had any leads as to where he is,” Miller said.

Anyone with information regarding Markle’s whereabouts is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at (515) 573-2323.