Iowa High School Baseball Coaches honor Messenger’s Eric Pratt

For more than 20 years, Eric Pratt has brought local sports to the Messenger sports pages, and for his contributions, Pratt has been selected as a recipient of the Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association Media Award.

Pratt is the media representative from the IHSBCA central district for his endless contributions he has made for Iowa high school baseball.

“Your selection as a recipeint of the Media Award is a very well-deserved honor, one to be proud of,” said Lee Toole, executive director of IHSBCA.

Pratt will be honored on Saturday, Jan. 19, at the Marriott Hotel in Cedar Rapids.

The 1996 Fort Dodge Senior High graduate has also been honored by the Iowa High School Athletic Association for his multiple contributions to the arena of sports and sports reporting during his years in the business with the IHSAA News Media Award.

“I have known Eric Pratt over 25 years and his dedication and attention to detail is the cornerstone to The Messenger sports section,” said Chris Johnson, assistant sports editor of The Messenger. “His ability to describe athletes and their achievements in the sporting world is an asset to the community.”

Pratt, who was a four-time state golf qualifier and twice a member of state tournament baseball teams, started at The Messenger as a part-timer in high school. He worked at The Messenger while he was in high school and college.

He has a degrees from Iowa Central and the University of Northern Iowa. Pratt became The Messenger’s sports editor in 2000. He is an award-winning columnist, as well as an honored editor.

He and his wife, Amanda, are the parents of Evan, Linnie, Gretta and Amelia.