Webster Co. supervisors OK 3 new trucks

Roads fleet stays up to date

Two new Mack dump trucks and a new Mack semi-truck will be rolling into the Webster County engineer’s shop for the Secondary Roads Department next year.

The Webster County Board of Supervisors approved the purchases Tuesday, which will not be paid for or delivered until the next fiscal year — after July 1, 2019.

The semi will replace a 2001 Freightliner bought second-hand that now has “quite a few miles and quite a bit of wear and tear on it,” said Webster County Engineer Randy Will.

“If you approve this we would have two newer semis that can pull a belly dump trailer,” Will said. “That would complement our fleet, and make sure we have reliable equipment.”

The supervisors approved an offer from Rees Truck and Trailer, of Fort Dodge, for $128,763.30 for a new semi truck with automatic transmission. Rees will also give $5,500 in trade-in value for the older truck.

“They can haul about three times as much as the tandem trucks, so we can get by with less employees; we can do a lot more with less legwork,” Supervisor Keith Dencklau said.

With the two dump trucks, with snow plow equipment, Will will continue to replace the old fleet, which had serious problems.

“Back in March 2017, my foreman and I had a conversation with you,” Will said. “There were seven tandem dump trucks between 16 and 18 years old with severe rust jacking. We were led to believe by motor vehicle enforcement that they were in violation.”

The trucks will be purchased from Rees for $229,821.22 each. That’s about $130,000 for the chassis and about $100,000 for the equipment, he said.

The county purchased three Mack trucks in fiscal year 2018 and three more in the current fiscal year. The two new trucks will be purchased in the next fiscal year, after July 1.