Manson man accused of stalking woman

MANSON — A Manson man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly stalking a woman.

Luke Groat, 26, is charged with one count of stalking and one count of violation of a no-contact order.

Manson Police Chief Gerry Frick said Groat was arrested on Sunday after he was reported to have shown up at the woman’s house with a shotgun.

According to Frick, Groat “took a shotgun out of the backseat and started chambering it and shoving it up and down.”

Frick responded to the scene to take the report, and afterward he went to speak with Groat.

After Groat came outside the home where he was staying, the chief asked him if he had a gun in the car.

Frick said Groat admitted to having one in the back seat.

“I removed the gun from the back seat of the car because it was in plain view,” Frick said.

He said the 12-gauge shotgun was loaded with birdshot and the safety had been turned off.

The no-contact order that Groat is accused of violating was issued after a prior incident between him and the same woman.

Frick said Groat had threatened her with a .22-caliber rifle, but she didn’t report it to police until Aug. 29.

Groat is facing domestic assault charges in that case, according to the police chief.

A no-contact order was issued after the woman reported the incident to police.

Regarding the latest charges, Frick said Groat was released from jail after posting bond.

Iowa Courts Online records indicate that Groat’s preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Sept. 13.

An additional no-contact order has also been issued in the case.