Humboldt supervisors address Oakdale Park concerns

Conservation director: Park will stay open

DAKOTA CITY — The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors addressed concerns about Oakdale Park at Monday’s meeting.

Oakdale Park is located two and a half miles south and one and a half miles east of Renwick. It offers camping with electricity, restrooms and shelters.

The park is in Wright County, but the Humboldt County Conservation Board and the Wright County Conservation Board share in the maintenance of the park in alternating years, according to an agreement signed in 1969.

The Wright County Conservation Board met with the Humboldt County Conservation Board earlier this year about closing the campground at Oakdale.

“My board talked it over and decided that’s not the route they wanted to go,” said Humboldt County Conservation Director Todd Lee.

The board wanted to keep the park open, he said.

People have complained that the park is a mess and needs better management.

Park maintenance last year has included replacing the roof on one of the three shelters, new toilets and a new roof on the restroom as well as new paint. Rock was added to the entrance road. The park has been mowed seven times, Todd Lee said. The playground equipment meets all the safety requirements.

“The campsite that he was referring to was very clean, kept up,” said Humboldt County Supervisor David Lee. ”The park looked nice. The shelters looked clean and decent.”

There is a part-time person who checks on the park daily, Todd Lee said.

“It is on the side of the county where there is not much over there,” Humboldt County Supervisor Rick Pedersen said.

It is a peaceful, quiet area, and many people use it for family reunions and things like that, he said.

If anyone has concerns about suspicious activity in the park they should notify Wright County law enforcement because the park is under their jurisdiction, Humboldt County Supervisor Erik Underberg said.

The supervisors were satisfied with the park’s maintenance.