Hail lands north and east of Fort Dodge

-Submitted photo
A piece of baseball-sized hail fell in West Bend Tuesday morning as a line of thunderstorms moved through the area. Property damage was reported in the area.

Hail of varying sizes hit areas surrounding Fort Dodge Tuesday and the city of Fort Dodge was again soaked with rain throughout the day.

David Penton, Kossuth County emergency management coordinator, said baseball-sized hail fell in West Bend early Tuesday morning.

“They got hit hard this morning,” he said.

Penton said by the time he drove there, the hail had already melted.

He said there was some property damage in West Bend.

“I saw some tree branches and things like that down,” he said. “There was also some broken windshields and dents on cars.”

He specifically mentioned damage to cars at a local dealership there.

Jim Lester, Wright County emergency management coordinator, reported pea-sized hail within the county, but he said he hadn’t heard of any damage related to the weather.

Kurt Kotenberg, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Des Moines, said the rain was “hit or miss” in general throughout the area on Tuesday.

He said an area two miles northeast of Fort Dodge collected about 1.4 inches.

About .81 inches fell in Lu Verne. In Algona, the measurement was .77 inches.

Those measurements were reported in the afternoon before two more rounds of heavy rain passed through in the evening.

August has been an unusually rainy month for the Fort Dodge area.

According to Kotenberg, the National Weather Service’s automated weather observing system in Fort Dodge has measured 12.53 inches of rain so far this month.

“Usually it’s about 4.52 inches,” he said. “This is well above average.”

He said as of right now, this would be the most rain Fort Dodge has had in the month of August since 2007 when 17 inches of rain fell on the city that month.

Webster County Emergency Management Coordinator Scott Forbes said there was no significant flooding in the county.

“Just some isolated local flooding in some sections,” Forbes said. “We did have a report of pea-sized hail in the Barnum area.”

Other than that, he said dispatchers hadn’t taken any calls of damage.

Dylan Hagen, Hamilton County emergency management coordinator, said besides heavy rains, he hadn’t received any reports of damage.

Pocahontas County Emergency Management Coordinator Russ Jergens said he had received reports of high winds and heavy rains.