Bridge project to begin soon in Eagle Grove

EAGLE GROVE — Construction will begin soon to add two new box culverts underneath a bridge on the south side of Eagle Grove.

“It’s considered an RCB culvert replacement project,” Bryce Davis, Eagle Grove city administrator, said. “We are adding two 12-foot box culverts and replacing it there.”

The bridge is located on Southwest Ninth Street, just west of South Commercial Avenue.

Peterson Contractors, of Reinbeck, is the general contractor for the project.

Davis said the company’s bid was the lowest at about $240,000.

Engineering costs included, it’s about a $280,000 project.

The project is being funded through grants.

“We received federal highway dollars, which is an 80/20 grant to reconstruct that bridge,” Davis said.

ISG, of Storm Lake, is the engineering firm for the project. That firm replaced Schlotfeldt Engineering Inc., of Webster City.

“We had an engineer on the final plans and then we transitioned to ISG during the actual construction observation of it,” Davis said. “As we moved forward with the actual project, we transferred engineers partially because of responsiveness and timeliness.”

He said there were some discrepancies in the final plans.

“For instance, the water main on the final plans said it was on the south side of the bridge,” Davis said. “It’s actually on the north side. There is a 4-foot Century Link cable — it’s about 3 to 4 feet underground and we have go deeper with it, so that it’s not impacting the box culvert placement.”

He said the city sanitary sewer and manhole were not in the final plans.

“They were nowhere to be found on the final plans,” Davis said. “But as you go on site and look, the sanitary sewer would run right through where that box culvert is going to be placed.”

He added, “So we have to figure out a way to move that sanitary. We have plans, but are waiting what would be the most cost effective and long-term benefit to the project.”

The start date for the project is Sept. 3. At that time, the bridge will be closed and traffic will be detoured.

“With all of these change orders, essentially we don’t need to move the starting date back, we are still on time as how it sits right now,” Davis said. “However as we continue to work through the project, those types of things could be an issue. Right now the contractor and engineer feel they can start on time.”

Davis said the bridge is supposed to be reopened 35 days after construction begins.

“They have a 35-day working period and then they pay liquidated damages if we don’t have that bridge open after 35 days,” he said.