Sold out

8,000 general admission tickets for ZZ Top are gone

General admission tickets to ZZ Top for Shellabration at Harlan and Hazel Rogers Sports Complex are all sold out, according to Jim Reed, Shellabration president.

The three-piece band from Houston, Texas, will perform Saturday on the Fort Dodge Soccer Association fields.

According to Reed, it’s just the second time in Shellabration’s 16-year history that tickets have sold out.

The last time was for Beach Boys in 2005, but the maximum capacity then was 5,000, he said. That concert was held on Badger Lake at John F. Kennedy Park.

“It was a totally different dynamic,” Reed said. “That’s the only other time we announced to the public that we were sold out.”

Eight-thousand general admission tickets have been sold, but Reed said between kids 12 and under, who are admitted for free, volunteers and vendors, the actual number of people at the concert could be more than 9,000.

Reed, who was tracking ticket sales the whole way, said the number 8,000 was reached on Sunday night.

“That’s when we reached our threshold,” he said.

Reed added, “On behalf of the Shellabration board of directors, we want to thank everyone who got behind this year’s event, whether a sponsor or ticket buyer, and help make it the record year it turned out to be.”

ZZ Top was formed in 1969. The band scored its first Top 10 hit in 1973 with the classic, “La Grange.”

The 1970s saw the band produce more successful singles in “Tush,” “I Thank You” and “Cheap Sunglasses.”

Billboard charting success continued in the early 1980s with hits like “Tube Snake Boogie” and “Pearl Necklace.”

According to Reed, it was MTV and the incredible commercial success of its “Eliminator” album in 1983 that catapulted the group to arena-level rockstars playing venues around the globe.

Hits from “Eliminator” included “Gimme All Your Lovin,” “Legs,” “Sharp Dressed Man” and “Got Me Under Pressure.” ZZ Top went on to produce additional hits in the ’80s including “Rough Boy,” “Sleeping Bag” and Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas.” The group has sold more than 50 million records worldwide.

ZZ Top was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

The previous attendance record for Shellabration was in 2015 when Boston performed. More than 8,100 gathered for that concert.

Check back with The Messenger later this week for information on parking and security for the concert.