Art in the Park coming this Sunday

Event will allow families to paint together

Children will have the opportunity to do artwork with a parent or guardian this Sunday, thanks to Art in the Park.

The program, which will be at Snell-Crawford Park, gives parents or guardians a chance to work on arts and crafts projects with their children.

Noel Goebel, of Fort Dodge, organized the event.

“I wanted to do something because I used to have art days with my friends who are also artists, and I thought it’d be kind of neat to bring it to the public to have something new to do during the summer days,” Goebel said.

She thought of having the Art in the Park event so parents and their children could have a way of bonding.

“Providing parent and me classes really gives parents the time they have to hang out and do artwork with their children, which really helps the bonding process and helps define motor skills in children,” she said, adding it’s something different to do in Fort Dodge.

At one point, Goebel said she lived in Denver, Colorado, a city that has art everywhere.

“They have a huge art community and it’d be neat to have that within Fort Dodge,” she said. “I know the art community here has been trying to branch out, add more things.”

This is the second time she’s done an Art in the Park event. The first time was mainly for her and her friends who are artists.

So far, the response she’s gotten for Sunday’s event has been positive.

“It just kind of goes to show how many parents and guardians out there just really want something to do with their children,” Goebel said.

Anyone who is interested in the event is asked to call Goebel at 573-0465. She said she would like to know how many children will be attending as well as their age groups, since she has different activities for each age groups.

It is also $10 per child.

Goebel said she may do more of these events in the future.

It might be tricky to have one in August with back-to-school season coming up, but she said she’d like to do this again.

“There seems to be a lot of people interested in how often it was happening,” she said.