Webster County backs Fort Dodge in grant application

Webster County will join with Fort Dodge in seeking a grant for trails in the city.

“This grant is to fund five trail connections in the city of Fort Dodge,” said Carissa Harvey, Fort Dodge senior planner. “Also acquisition of land in order to extend the trails into the unincorporated area.”

In the future the city will be working with the county to develop a trails plan for the city and county, Harvey said.

“So the next application, the city will be working with us to expand some trails into the county,” Supervisor Keith Dencklau said.

With the county’s support, the city is applying for a grant from Enhance Iowa’s Community Attraction and Tourism fund.

The grant amount requested is $455,000, Harvey said. The total cost of the project is estimated at $2,275,000.

In approving the grant, Webster County committed $115,000 toward the project. That will mostly go towards land acquisition.

Since 2000, a trail network that enables someone to go from Iowa Central Community College on the west side of Fort Dodge to John F. Kennedy Memorial Park north of the city without leaving a trail has been completed.

The city was awarded a $75,000 grant from the Wellmark Foundation on Monday for trail work.


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