From our files: July 29, 2019

10 Years ago: July 29, 2009

NEWS: David James was named assistant Webster County attorney.

SPORTS: The Perfect Swingers were in the lead of the Women’s League at the Fort Dodge Country Club.

25 Years ago: July 29, 1994

NEWS: The Humboldt County District Fair drew more than 300 exhibitors.

SPORTS: Woodman Electric won the Fort Dodge YMCA Teener Baseball League title and play-off championship.

50 Years ago: July 29, 1969

NEWS: Operations at the Iowa Beef Packers Fort Dodge plant were scheduled to resume after a month’s shutdown following a walkout of union employees.

SPORTS: The Dodger baseball team beat Westwood of Sloan 4-0 in a district championship game, sending the team to state for the first time in 25 years.