From our files: June 28, 2019

10 Years ago: June 28, 2009

NEWS: Manson marked the 30th anniversary of the 1979 tornado during Greater Crater Days.

SPORTS: Former Fort Dodge city recreation Director Jack Hardcastle died at age 69.

25 Years ago: June 28, 1994

NEWS: A building in the 200 block of Central Avenue containing equipment owned by the Fort Dodge City Street Department, Josephson Manufacturing Co. and Truck Traders was virtually destroyed by fire.

SPORTS: St. Edmond beat Humboldt 8-3 in baseball.

50 Years ago: June 28, 1969

NEWS: Fort Dodge High School graduate Roger Dunker accepted a position as a marketing representative for the Shell Oil Co.

SPORTS: Rockwell City beat Pocahontas 9-0 in baseball.