From our files — June 17, 2019

10 Years ago: June 17, 2009

NEWS: More than 140 children took part in a Family Victorian Evening at Butler Elementary.

SPORTS: Fort Dodge Senior High senior Jerry Ellendson was highlighted in The Messenger’s Timeout With feature.

25 Years ago: June 17, 1994

NEWS: Monsignor E.L. McEvoy, a Catholic priest for 67 years and highly respected Fort Dodge citizen and leader for 43 years, died at age 98.

SPORTS: St. Edmond beat Prairie Valley 3-1 in baseball.

50 Years ago: June 17, 1969

NEWS: Staff Sgt. Michael K. Lewis, a Lake City graduate, was killed during a combat operation in Vietnam.

SPORTS: Rockwell City beat Laurens 21-1 in baseball.