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10 Years ago: Oct. 8, 2008

NEWS: Epworth United Methodist Church published a cookbook marking the church’s 100th anniversary.

SPORTS: Fort Dodge came in third in a 4A district golf meet.

25 Years ago: Oct. 8, 1993

NEWS: Fort Dodge native Jennifer Mussleman stood on a street corner with a sign saying “will work for food” to see what it would be like being homeless. She had to assume the role of another person and play that part for a day for a college assignment.

SPORTS: Fort Dodge swept St. Edmond in volleyball.

50 Years ago: Oct. 8, 1968

NEWS: When Jim Wilson started demolishing an old house on his property near Rolfe, he discovered colorful circus posters from June 1891 under the siding and tarpaper.

SPORTS: Dan Dencklau bowled a 726 series in the Pacemaker league.