From our files: Aug. 2, 2018

10 Years ago: Aug. 2, 2008

NEWS: The 150th Kossuth Country Fair was in progress.

SPORTS: The Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Chicago Cubs 3-0.

25 Years ago: Aug. 2, 1993

NEWS: Michelle Fandel, of Fort Dodge, graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor of science degree.

SPORTS: Phil Joselyn and Stacey Bergman won the men’s and women’s city golf titles.

50 Years ago: Aug. 2, 1968

NEWS: Mary Ellen Bradley and Dewey John Bruescke were queen and king of the 1968 carnival at Expo Park that closed the summer playground season in Fort Dodge.

SPORTS: Paton-Churdan beat Fremont Mills of Tabor 1-0 in baseball.