America’s SBDC Iowa announces small business challenge

AMES — America’s SBDC Iowa has announced a social media campaign to support small businesses across the state.

Their campaign, Support Small Businesses 5 Day Challenge, is a way that everyone can support small businesses from the safety of their home.

The 6-part video series will consist of an announcement video on April 26, and then a daily challenge the rest of the week.

Examples of the challenge include tagging small businesses on social media, purchasing gift cards, writing online reviews and sending caring messages to small business owners.

“America’s SBDC Iowa’s campaign began as an idea from our North Central Iowa SBDC office,” said State Director Lisa Shimkat. “It was developed further and we reached out to statewide partners, as well as other Small Business Development Centers across the nation to promote the campaign. We’re excited to share a way for everyone to support all types of small businesses from the safety of their home. Our hashtag for the campaign also has an encouraging message of #Back2Biz.”

To access the campaign videos, go to www.iowasbdc.org/5-Day-Challenge.


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