Faiferlick to offer defensive tactics program

Justin Faiferlick is a certified instructor for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Survival Tactics.

GST is Gracie University’s specialized Defensive Tactics (DT) program for military and law enforcement professionals.

It is built on the three “truths:” 1) The bad guy always has the ambush advantage, 2) The soldier/officer should never grapple with the suspect/enemy by choice, and 3) In a street fight, there is no tap out.

The techniques do not rely on the strength, speed, or athleticism of the user.

All of the techniques have been tested and proven effective in tactical gear.

Faiferlick can instruct this program in a variety of ways including a 4-hour Training Module for the many agencies and organizations that only provide their officers with 4-8 hours of Defensive Tactics training annually.

Longer and ongoing courses can be arranged.

The Gracie GST DT class dates and training will be coordinated with law enforcement and military on what works for them.