Webster County 4-H clubs hold 2019 awards banquet

College scholarships were presented in memoriam of several individuals associated in various ways to Webster County 4-H. The Bill and Pat Coffey Memorial Scholarship was presented to Morgan Border; Gene and Shirley Anderson Memorial Scholarship to Taegen Long; the MaryAnn Haase Memorial Scholarship to Avery Anderson; the Irene McLuckie Memorial Scholarship to Megan Dawson; the Colin Murphy Memorial Scholarship to Kylie Weiland; the Eddie Peterson Memorial Scholarship to Maggie Anderlik; and the Pat Rees Memorial Scholarship was presented to Christine Housken. Additional scholarships were given including: Des Moines River Valley Tractor and Engine Club Scholarship given to Jaedyn Condon; and the Webster County 4-H Foundation Scholarship given to Abby Chalstrom. Each of the scholarships presented were valued at $500.

The annual Webster County 4-H Awards and Volunteer Recognition Banquet was held on Nov. 24. The banquet is sponsored each year by the Webster County 4-H Foundation and the Webster County Extension and Outreach Office.

The 4-H County Council introduced special guests and 4-H supporters. They then introduced the 4-H leaders year who presented awards to their club members for Junior, Intermediate and Senior Achievement and Outstanding Club Officers.

C/C Sidekicks:Officer Awards: President, Andrew Creger; Vice President, Ignatius Kirby; Treasurer, Sylvia Wacholtz; Historian, Fisher Novencido; Photographer, Paige Lewis; Recreation Leader, Aianna Kirby and Sydney Novencido.

Dayton Tigers: Junior Achievement Awards: Aleah Anderson, Hayden Butrick, Nolan Eslick, Nathan Graves, Alex Lambert, Luke Muench, Mekenah Osborne, Brookelynne Peterson; Cale VanSickle, Ryan Wicklein. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Brylie Butrick, Jace Hanson, Rozalyn Osborne, Paige Weiland. Senior Achievement Awards: Carly Davis, Taegen Long, Teighan Osborne, Kylie Weiland. Officer Awards: Secretary and Reporter, Avery Anderson; Treasurer, Taegen Long; Recreation Leader, Lauren Eslick.

Douglas Dreamers: Junior Achievement Awards: Evelyn Arens, Josie Harvey, Alexa McHone, Nora Kate O’Connor. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Katie Delaney, Kara McGonegle. Senior Achievement Awards: Emma Alstott, Morgan Border, Jaedyn Condon, Gracie Harvey. Officer Awards: President, Morgan Border; Vice President, Peyton Hays; Secretary, Emma Alstott and Victoria Pavik; Treasurer, Dalton Lowry; Recreation Leader, Sam Guddall.

The 4-H Spirit Award was given to six 4-H’ers for their extra work and dedication to the 4-H program. This award was given at the Junior level to Brookelynne Peterson of the Dayton Tigers, Sylvia Wacholtz of the C/C Sidekicks, and Tyler Wanat of the Gowrie Groundbreakers. At the Intermediate level, the award was presentedto Katie Delaney of the Douglas Dreamers. 4-H’ers awarded at the senior level included Cayci Bidleman of the International Culture Club, left, and Abby Chalstrom of the SonRays, right.

Elkhorn Eagles: Junior Achievement Awards Logan Jaeschke, Eli Johnson, Ella Johnson, Owen Pudenz. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Lilly Johnson, Abbi McKinney. Senior Achievement Awards Emily Jaeschke, Madyson Jaeschke. Officer Awards: Presiden, Madyson Jaeschke;Vice President, Emily Jaeschke; Treasurer, Logan Jaeschke; Secretary, Ella Johnson; Historian, Lilly Johnson; Photographer, Abbi McKinney; Reporter, Owen Pudenz; Recreation Leader, Eli Johnson.

Elkhorn Earlybirds: Junior Achievement Awards: Julia Eastman, Kyle Eastman, Emma Gernhart, Lyra Lane, Caleb Shirbroun. Senior Achievement Awards Nathan Rethwisch. Officer Awards: President, Julia Eastman; Vice President, Jess Shirbroun; Secretary and Historian, Nathan Rethwisch.

Gowrie Groundbreakers: Junior Achievement Awards: Aiden Anderson, Riley Carlson, Hadley Cox, Grant Farnham, Hanna Hicks, Addison Larson, Ryan Stewart, Tyler Wanat.

Intermediate Achievement Awards: Althea Ball, Ethan Peed, Alexis Peterson, Emily Schroeder, Haley Stewart. Senior Achievement Awards: Morgan Farnham, Chloe Hicks, Chyann Hicks, Blake Peterson. Officer Awards: Vice President, Morgan Farnham; Secretary and Treasurer, Chloe Hicks; Recreation Leader, Aiden Anderson and Grant Farnham.

Johnson Jaguars: Junior Achievement Awards: Bianca Aquino, Owen Compart, Matthew Condon, Kyla Egli, Alexis Essing, Keaton Wittrock, Logan Wittrock. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Michael Illg. Senior Achievement Awards: Heather Almond, Paige Condon, Daniel Illg. Officer Awards: President, Megan Dawson; Vice President, Ethan Egli; Treasurer, Bianca Aquino.

Avery Anderson, Cayci Bidleman, Abby Chalstrom, Jaedyn Condon, Morgan Farnham, Christine Housken, Blake Peterson, Nathan Rethwisch, Sam Sytsma, and Kylie Weiland were selected to go on the Chicago Awards Trip. The 10 Webster County 4-H members, along with 4-H’ers from surrounding counties, took a whirlwind trip to Chicago over Thanksgiving break. They explored many places, including the Willis Tower, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Museum of Science and Industry. The youth shopped along the “Magnificent Mile,” attended entertainment at Comedy Sportz, saw the Blue Man Group, and visited the Cloud Gate sculpture. Through their exploration of Chicago, the 4-H’ers practiced life skills related to independence, decision-making, and teamwork.

Nifty Newark: Senior Achievement Awards Dallas Hammitt, Collin Spangler.

SonRays: Intermediate Achievement Awards: Alan Hermanson. Senior Achievement Awards: Abigail Chalstrom, Anna Hermanson, Anna Lewandowski. Officer Awards: President, Alan Hermanson; Secretary, Abigail Chalstrom; Treasurer, Abraham Fisher; Recreation Leader, Anna Hermanson and Anna Lewandowski.

Washington Winners: Junior Achievement Awards: Sasha Hess, Jacob Nieland, Hailey Rees, Luke Royster.Intermediate Achievement Awards: Jared Geis, Sylvia Hess, Hope Miller, Mike Miller, Mykaela Stuhrenberg, Mykenzie Stuhrenberg, Emma Sytsma, GwendaLynn Winkler. Senior Achievement Awards: Megan Anderson, Jacob Geis, Christine Housken, Jacob Miller, Alyson Nieland, Hannah Rees, Alexis Stuhrenberg, Samuel Sytsma. Officer Awards: President, Justin Koester; Vice President, Christine Housken; Secretary, Sasha Hess; Treasurer, Luke Royster; Historian, Jacob Nieland and Mykaela Stuhrenberg; Photographer, Sylvia Hess and Emma Sytsma; Recreation Leader, Jacob Miller and Mike Miller.

4-H’ers who had completed their first year in 4-H were also recognized during the evening.

Bianca Aquino of the Johnson Jaguars received the“Rock Star Treasurer” award.

The new Caring Adult Award was presented to nominee Jolene Hays. Hays has been instrumental in the development of the International Culture Club as a resource to help foreign exchange students transition to American culture. Jolene was nominated by club member Isabel Gruver for her help, mentorship, and support.

Volunteers were presented with clover pins and certificates for serving five, ten, fifteen and twenty-five years as a 4-H volunteer.Five years of service to the 4-H program receive the silver clover pin:Charlotte Hippen, Rabbit Hopping Project Leader; Amy Jaeschke, Elkhorn Eagles Club Leader; Tina Larson, Badger Builders Club Leader; and Jedidiah Licht, Shooting Sports Leader.

Receiving a gold clover pin for 10 years of service: Jodena Harris, Washington Winners Club Leader; Troy Harris, Shooting Sports Project Leader; Karen Hayes, Pet Project Superintendent; Jeannine Lowry, Soldier Garden Project Leader; and Thera Shey McMahon, Douglas Dreamers Club Leader.Receiving a pearl in for 15 years of service: John Bonner, Soldier Garden Project Leader. Receiving an emerald pin for 25 years of service: Laurie McIntire.

Volunteers who stepped down from their leader role were thanked for their dedication and support: Jean Black as club leader for the Douglas Dreamers; John Bonner project leader for the former Dairy Beef Project, Aerospace and current Soldier Garden; Jennifer Carlson as Gowrie Groundbreakers club leader, Jodena Harris as Washington Winners club leader; and Charlotte Hippen as Rabbit Hopping project leader.

County project awards were presented to the 4-H members by the 4-H Committee. 4-H’ers had to submit their record keeping materials in order to be considered for these awards. Citizenship, communication, and leadership were considered when selections were made.

Emma Alstott, Citizenship, Communication, Horticulture; Maggie Anderlik, Beef, Long Time Record Keeping; Avery Anderson, Photography, Long Time Record Keeping; Morgan Border, Photography, Visual Art; Abigail Chalstrom, Self-Determined, Leadership, Long Time Record Keeping; Jaedyn Condon, Sheep; Megan Dawson, Child Development, Citizenship, Long Time Record Keeping; Morgan Farnham, Citizenship, Leadership, Long Time Record Keeping; Christine Housken, Child Development, Communication, Long Time Record Keeping; Taegen Long, Communication, Long Time Record Keeping; Alexis Peterson, Consumer Management, Fashion Revue, Food and Nutrition, Sheep; Blake Peterson, Food and Nutrition, Health, Long Time Record Keeping, Sheep; Nathan Rethwisch, Sewing, Visual Art, Woodworking; Alexis Stuhrenberg, Long Time Record Book, Shooting Sports, Visual Art; Kylie Weiland, Long Time Record Book.

Achievement Award: Anna Lewandowski.

The Honorary 4-H Member award was presented to Joy Thoma, of Clare. Thoma was honored for her dedication and support to the Webster County 4-H program. Joy served as a Citizenship Washington Focus and State 4-H Youth Conference chaperone, helped with the Shooting Sports program in Webster County, and volunteered to help through the Youth Committee with various projects.

The final event of the evening was the presentation of the 4-H Alumni award to Rich Seltz of Fort Dodge. Seltz was a member of the Deer Creek Gophers before serving as an adult volunteer by being a club leader of the Deer Creek Dynamites in the early 1990s. Rich continued to volunteer during the fair by helping set up and tear down the auditorium.


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