Blairs have the beef

Couple is licensed to sell their own product; continue to diversify operation

-Messenger photo by Kriss Nelson
AJ and Kellie Blair show a few of their beef products. The couple has begun marketing and selling their own beef and hae bcome licensed to sell it from their farm.

AJ and Kellie Blair, Dayton area farmers, run a corn, soybean, hay, small grains and cattle operation with an emphasis on conservation. Although it’s extremely evident they have diversified their business already, the couple has decided not to stop there and expand upon their cattle operation by marketing and selling their own beef.

The couple farm together and look for ways to keep profitable as neither take off the farm jobs.

“We both farm full-time,” said Kellie Blair. “This is our full-time income.”

“It’s another income stream,” said AJ Blair. “We do anything we can to diversify, so when we are in a drought and the corn crop doesn’t come in, maybe we have something else. Every little bit helps.”

Kellie Blair said they started the process to get their new side business licensed, which included licensing their freezers as well.

“That gave us the ability to bring our product home,” she said.

The Blairs, who are marketing their meat under the name Blair Farm, LLC, said they will pick the meat up from the locker, go over with you what desired cuts you may prefer and even offer delivery.

Their products are available by the piece; by a bundle or you may also choose to purchase a quarter, half or whole beef.

They also work with the lockers to make the buying process of the beef not only convenient but affordable as well.

“Our prices are at or below the grocery store and it’s a higher quality product,” said AJ Blair.

Typically, when a customer buys beef from a local farmer, they have to pay the locker for processing and the farmer for the beef. That is not the case here.

“We are doing it a little bit different,” said Kellie Blair. “Rather than paying the locker for the processing and us for the beef, we handle it all. It allows for us to keep the lockers paid up, and it is also less confusing for the customer. We want to make it a streamlined, easy process for people.”

A quality product

Kellie Blair said working with local lockers such as the Lohrville Locker and Lewright Meats in Eagle Grove, the couple has learned the beef they are raising and taking to market is good, quality meat.

“We always thought we were doing the right thing, now we are able to talk to the locker, they tell us what it looked like and what they think. We are learning,” she said.

“Our goal is to get really good, quality beef to people who really haven’t had it before,” said AJ Blair. “It is just a different quality. It hangs at the locker for 10 to 15 days and dry ages. It is a lot different beef than what you buy at the grocery store.”

And, the beef is locally grown.

“We know where the calf was born, I know everything that calf ate its entire life, everything that happened to it and I can tell them where the corn came from that fed that calf,” said AJ Blair. “If the consumer is buying it from a company, it went through a factory and packaged. Nobody knows.”

The Blairs are even willing to show people just where their food is coming from.

“We invite people to come to the farm,” said Kellie Blair. “We would love to have you out.”

The Blairs would like to eventually see their products in local grocery stores, but in the meantime, Blair Farm, LLC beef can be purchased by visiting BlairFarmLLC.com or visit their Facebook page Blair Farm, LLC.


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