Webster County 4-H’ers hold 2020 awards banquet virtually

The annual Webster County 4-H Awards & Volunteer Recognition Banquet program was recorded and shared virtually this year. The program is sponsored each year by the Webster County 4-H Foundation and the Webster County Extension and Outreach Office. The 4-H County Council thanked 4-H volunteers, donors, and 4-H supporters. They then presented special awards, scholarships and volunteer recognition. Council members also celebrated graduating seniors as they begin their last year as 4-H members. Due to the virtual format, club were not shared during the recording, but will be presented at club meetings. The hosts for the program were Andrew Creger, Blake Peterson, and Nathan Rethwisch.

The 4-H Spirit Award was given to four 4-H’ers for their extra work and dedication to the 4-H program. This award was given at the Junior level to Kyle Eastman and Lyra Lane, both of the Elkhorn Earlybirds, and Aianna Kirby of the C/C Sidekicks.At the Intermediate level, the award was presented to Josie Novencido of the C/C Sidekicks.

Volunteers were presented with clover pins and certificates for serving five, ten, fifteen and twenty-five years as a 4-H volunteer. Five years of service to the 4-H program receive the silver clover pin: Jenny Eckert, Horse Project Leader; Shawn Lawler, Aerospace Project Leader; and Aaron Martin, Beef Project Leader.

Receiving a pearl in for 15 years of service: Colleen Eslick, Aerospace Leader.

Volunteers who stepped down from their leader role were thanked for their dedication and support: Vern Bauer as Gowrie Groundbreakers club leader and and Beef Superintendent; Jenice Hammitt as Nifty Newark club leader; Brian Long as club leader for the Dayton Tigers and Rabbit Project Leader; Sharon Mitchell as Washington Winners club leader; and Margo Shirbroun as leader of the Elkhorn Earlybirds.

County project awards were presented to the 4-H members by the 4-H County Council members. 4-H’ers had to submit their record keeping materials in order to be considered for these awards. Citizenship, communication, and leadership were considered when selections were made.

Ally Anderson — Visual Art, Long Time Record Keeping; Megan Anderson — Visual Arts; Andrew Creger — Home Improvement, Long Time Record Keeping; Morgan Farnham -Food & Nutrition, Health; Isabel Gruver – Citizenship, Public Speaking; Chyann Hicks – Food & Nutrition, Home Improvement, Swine; Kara McGonegle — Communication, Food & Nutrition; Alyson Nieland — Clothing, Communication; Blake Peterson — Agriculture; Nathan Rethwisch — $15 Challenge, Public Speaking, Long Time Record Keeping; Sam Sytsma — Communication, Food & Nutrition, Long Time Record Keeping.

The Outstanding Family & Consumer Sciences award is given annually to a Senior 4-H’er and is based on consideration of the entire career of the member, including presentations at meetings, fair exhibits and citizenship activities. Recipients are taking the information they have learned and sharing it with others too. Award winners have set goals, discussed the reasons for working in the project area and carried out that project area in all aspects of their lives. The 2020 award was presented to Nathan Rethwisch of Fort Dodge.

College scholarships were presented in memoriam of several individuals associated in various ways to Webster County 4-H. The Bill & Pat Coffey Memorial Scholarshipwas presented to Morgan Farnham; Gene & Shirley Anderson Memorial Scholarship to Megan Anderson; the MaryAnn Haase Memorial Scholarship to Andrew Creger; the Colin Murphy Memorial Scholarship to Isabel Gruver; the Eddie Peterson Memorial Scholarship to Nathan Rethwisch; the Pat Rees Memorial Scholarship was presented to Chyann Hicks; and the Dean Scharf Memorial Scholarship was presented to Samuel Sytsma. Additional scholarships were given including: Des Moines River Valley Tractor & Engine Club Scholarship given to Blake Peterson; and the Webster County 4-H Foundation Scholarship(s) given to Chloe Hicks and Allyson Anderson. Each of the scholarships presented were valued at $500.

The 4-H Alumni awards were awarded to Jane Lundberg of Fort Dodge and Jim and Kerry Rees of Duncombe. Lundberg was a member of the Fulton Hustlers, enjoying sewing and home improvement projects before serving as club leader of the Fort Dodge Falcons. Jim Rees was a member of the Washington Winners before becoming a leader for the Sheep Project. Some of Jim’s favorite 4-H memories were State 4-H events and trips. He credits the Citizenship Washington Focus trip with introducing him to his future wife Kerry, who was also presented with an Alumni award. Kerry was a member of the Lost Grove Leaders. She started volunteering as a leader of the Washington Winners club before switching to the Dayton Tigers. Kerry also helps with the Sheep Project.

The following awards will be presented at area club meetings:

C/C Sidekicks: Junior Achievement Awards: Aianna Kirby, Liam Lewis, Makinley Nore, Miura Novencido, Sydney Novencido, Sylvia Wacholtz, Zoey Wacholtz. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Paige Lewis, Mason Lundberg, Layla Nore, Josie Novencido, Romn Sierra. Senior Achievement Awards: Scott Boro, Andrew Creger, Coleton Cuddy, Ignatius Kirby, Fisher Novencido, Ashlyn Wacholtz, Casten Wacholtz. Officer Awards: President — Fisher Novencido; Vice President — Andrew Creger; Secretary — Josie Novencido; Treasurer — Sylvia Wacholtz; Reporter — Liam Lewis; Historian — Aianna Kirby; Photographer — Makinley Nore & Coleton Cuddy; Recreation Leader — Layla Nore & Ignatius Kirby.

Dayton Tigers: Junior Achievement Awards: Aleah Anderson, Wyatt Blair, Blake Bloomquist, Emilia Bloomquist, Noah Bloomquist, Hayden Butrick, Caden Cramer, Blessing Cunigan, Nolan Eslick, Johnny Gregory, Averie Hanson, Caleb Hayes, Meia Hefley, Joe Kauffman, Alex Lambert, Clay Lambert, Riley Lundberg, Luke Muench, Mekenah Osborne, Brookelynne Peterson; Carver Peterson, Colby Peterson, Chloe Richardson, MaKenzie Richardson, Mylee Swanson, Ethan Tucker, Dawson, Tuel. Intermediate Achievement Awards:Grace Bloomquist, Brylie Butrick, Harley Eckert, Jace Hanson, Karah Hayes, Chloe Lambert, Cole Lundgren, Drew Lundgren, Rozalyn Osborne, Hailey Rees, Caden Roe, Abigale Tucker, Cale VanSickle, Paige Weiland, Ryan Wicklein. Senior Achievement Awards: Maggie Anderlik, Ally Anderson, Avery Anderson, Reed Andrews, Jubilee Cunigan, Carly Davis, Michael Eslick, Jaynie Ferrari, Rylie Ferrari, Carson Lambert, Mackenzie Lambert, Taegen Long, Jacob Muench, Lillian Nahnsen, Teighan Osborne, Alyssa Speck, Chloe Speck, Landon VanGilder, Madelyn VanSickle, Kylie Weiland, Akasha Wendell. Officer Awards: Secretary — Avery Anderson; Treasurer — Taegen Long; Photgrapher — Aleah Anderson.

Douglas Dreamers: Junior Achievement Awards: Cora Anderson, Lily Eslick, Abby Newman, Brendan Newman, Nora Kate O’Connor, Aviela Savov. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Josie Harvey, Kara McGonegle. Senior Achievement Awards: Gracie Harvey, Alex Tiernan. Officer Awards: President — Gracie Harvey; Vice President — Emma Alstott; Secretary – Morgan Bodholdt;Recreation Leader — Evelynn Arens, Lexie McHone, NoraKate O’Connor, Alex Wirtz.

Elkhorn Earlybirds: Junior Achievement Awards: Annalise Cobb, Kyle Eastman, Ellie Gernhart, Karlee Hamilton, Lyra Lane, Caleb Lau, Owen Marshall, Caleb Shirbroun. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Julia Eastman, Emma Gernhart, SaraGrace Haney. Senior Achievement Awards Nathan Rethwisch, Jess Shirbroun. Officer Awards: President – Jess Shirbroun;Vice President – Nathan Rethwisch.

Gowrie Groundbreakers: Junior Achievement Awards: Lane Ahlers, Deegan Brandel, Jacey Carlson, Riley Carlson, Ellie Carstens, Coltin Fevold, Colton Haug, Shayden Hefley, Caitlyn Klingson, Benson Konecne, Evan Kuhn, Addison Larson, Logan McKenney, Spencer Peterson, Brandon Sollmann, Cooper Spece, Jacelyn Sprecher, Lilly Stewart, Ryan Stewart, Liberty Suchan, Benjamin Wanat, Tyler Wanat. Intermediate Achievement Awards:Aiden Anderson, Grant Farnham, Hannah Hicks, Ross Larson, Ethan Peed, Alexis Peterson, Emily Schroeder, Gabby Stewart, Haley Stewart, Spencer Suchan, Jillian Woodruff. Senior Achievement Awards: Morgan Farnham, Chloe Hicks, Chyann Hicks, Connor Klingson, Caden Konecne, Justin Loseke, Blake Peterson, Carson Suchan, Haylee Welter, Pierce Woodruff. Officer Awards: President — Morgan Farnham; Vice President — Blake Peterson; Secretary — Chyann Hicks; Treasurer — Carson Suchan;Recreation Leader — Aiden Anderson &Grant Farnham.

Johnson Jaguars: Junior Achievement Awards:Bellah Aquino, Bianca Aquino, Owen Compart, Cheyenne Dahlhauser, Hailey Dawson, Alexis Essing, Gracelyn Illg, Rachel Jones, Thomas Lundberg, Aiden Nelson, Ava Nelson, Drew Tincher, Paige Tincher, Keaton Wittrock. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Matthew Condon, Kyla Egli, Owen Eldridge, Logan Wittrock. Senior Achievement Awards:Heather Almond, Paige Condon, Megan Dawson, Ethan Egli, Daniel Illg, Michael Illg. Officer Awards: President — Megan Dawson; Vice President — Ethan Egli; Secretary — Paige Condon; Treasurer — Bianca Aquino; Photographer — Logan Wittrock; Recreation Leader — Kyla Egli.

SonRays: Junior Achievement Awards: Leah Fisher, Naomi Fisher, Nathan Ober. Intermedate Achievement Award: Emily Joy Chichester, Abraham Fiser, Alan Hermanson, Jordyn Ober.Senior Achievement Awards: Cayci Bidleman, Abigail Chalstrom, Israel Chalstrom, Johnathan Chalstrom,Anna Fisher, Gabriel Fisher. Officer Awards: Secretary — Abigail Chalstrom.

Washington Winners: Junior Achievement Awards: Jacob Nieland. Intermediate Achievement Awards: Jared Geis, Sasha Hess, Ralston Krug,Luke Royster, GwendaLynn Winkler.Senior Achievement Awards: Megan Anderson, Jacob Geis, Abby Grady, Ally Grady, Sylvia Hess, Christine Housken, Foster Krug, Hope Miller, Jacob Miller, Mike Miller, Alyson Nieland, Charly Scharf, Mykaela Stuhrenberg, Mykenzie Stuhrenberg, Emma Swanson, Emma Sytsma, Samuel Sytsma. Officer Awards: President — Sam Sytsma; Vice President — Hope Miller; Secretary — Jake Miller & Jacob Nieland; Treasurer — Sylvia Hess; Reporter — Mike Miller; Historian — Megan Anderson;Photographer — Christine Housken & Alyson Nieland; Recreation Leader — Sasha Hess, Mykaela Stuhrenberg, and Mykenzie Stuhrenberg.

4-H’ers who had completed their first year in 4-H were also recognized.


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