‘Do You Wanna Dance?’

-Photo submitted by Rochelle Green
Cast members of “Do You Wanna Dance” include, left to right, back row, Cade Naughton and Meghan Hanley; center row, Nick Lawler and Morgan Border; front row, Brooklin Border and Jake Szalat.

St. Edmond High School will be busting a move with its spring musical “Do You Wanna Dance.”

The show is a ’90s jukebox performance with an interesting twist and full of hits that everyone in the crowd will recognize.

Top hits include “Do You Wanna Dance,” “Walkin’ On Sunshine,” “Your Mama Don’t Dance” and more.

“The audience will definitely be dancing in their seats,” said Theater Director Alyssa Sparks.

”Do You Wanna Dance” will be performed at 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday. It will be performed at 3 p.m. Saturday.

-Photo submitted by Rochelle Green
From left to right: Alyssa Bottorff, Claire Fleming, Riley Mayer, Morgan Border, Audrey Kolacia and Abby Landwehr.

Tickets are $10.

The show is set in May 1995 in the town of Snaphappy, Ohio, where everyone loves to dance. Everyone — except for Mayor Lightfoot’s new wife, Mona. Mona imposes a dance tax and as expected, the whole town of Snaphappy is in a fret.

The town’s dance studio has to move to a smaller space because of the tax and the kids all land in jail. This morbid dance tax threatens Snaphappy, Ohio’s upcoming celebrations. Their graduation celebration is out of the picture. The kids all work together and come up with a plan.

“This show is truly a feel good show about students coming together to solve problems.” said Sparks.

“Do You Wanna Dance” involves a great amount of ensemble and leading roles alike.

-Photo submitted by Rochelle Green
Cast members include, front left to right: Cooper Fleming, Jacque Oberg and Jill Cosgrove. Middle left to right: Natalie Nordstrom, Kacey Kruthoff, Maddie Nemmers and Amanda Richman. Back row left to right: Erin Flattery, Zohara Assadipour and Sidney Messerly.

“The show is very ensemble driven,” Sparks said, “Leading roles and ensemble characters are all very much involved in the show and are included in the many songs and dances throughout the show.”

The students participating in this show are also coming together to solve a problem.

Because of the great, diverse talent at St. Edmond High School, scheduling has been a bit of a conflict. There are so many different athletes and members of clubs who are also participating in “Do You Wanna Dance” that finding good times for everyone to meet up has been difficult.

St. Edmond High School students participating in the show are very committed to making the musical excellent.

“The kids have been great about working with each other outside of our scheduled choreography rehearsals, trying to catch up and work out some of the kinks.” said Sparks, “I think the kids were a bit intimidated by the amount of dancing in the show, but they are really having fun with it.”

‘Do You Wanna Dance’ cast and crew


Delaney Duzwell: Brooklin Border

Chad Lightfoot: Jake Szalat

Mayor Pete Lightfoot: Cade Naughton

Mona Lightfoot: Meghan Hanley

Lucas: Nick Lawler

Emma: Morgan Border

Daphne Duzwell: Jill Cosgrove

Don Duzwell: Cooper Fleming

Principal Wizzle: Jacque Oberg

Susan Mansford: Zoe Assadipour

Bob Mansford: Sean Flattery

Officer Carlisle: Gage Johnson

Cheerleaders: Riley Mayer,

Audrey Kolacia, Claire Fleming,

Abby Landwehr, Alyssa Bottorff

Katie: Katie Finnegan

Mattie: Claire Condon

Jess: Emma Gruver

Brandie: Cameron Brown

Kyra: Alisa Anderson

Darby: Michelle Waller

Christian: Joey Timmerman

Taylor Simpson: Hallie Ehn

Tanya Simpson: Ella Vratny

Ashley Mansford: Maggie Lennon

Tammy: Olivia Kolacia

Mrs. Ogilvie: Sidney Messerly

Mr. Simpson: Jed Tracy

Mrs. Simpson: Erin Flattery

Sister Caresalot: Natalie Nordstrom

Sherry: Maddie Nemmers

Graduation DJ: Kacey Kruthoff

Mrs. Lester: Amanda Richman

Blake Banston: Jackson Bemrich

Costumes/ Props

Amy Johnson and Kim Peimann


Sydney Schulte

Lizzie Gailey

Aubrey Bemrich

Sydney Engels

Leah Neverman

Kellie Kersten

Leah Johnson

Charlie Schelly

Pit Orchestra

Alto Sax: Nelson Cook

Tenor Sax: Jack Stackhouse

Bari Sax: Ashley Nieland

Trumpet: Korbin Brown,

Aaron Simpson, Maggie Strickland

Trombone: Brady O’Brien

Flute: Ica McMahon

Drum Set: Michael Peterson

Auxiliary Percussion: Ellie Wallace

Guitar: Jason Grover

Bass: Greg Merrit

Piano: Katrina O’Brien

Theater Director: Alyssa Sparks

Choral Director: Benjamin Wegner

Pit Director: Nathan Cashman

Choreographer: Rachel Bell