EyeShare meeting is Tuesday

EyeShare low vision/blind support group will meet from 1:30 to 3 p.m. on Tuesday at the Northridge Apartments, 2805 Sixth Ave. N.

Emily Wharton, the director of the Iowa Department for the Blind will be the speaker at the meeting Tuesday. Born legally blind, Wharton grew up in Aurelia. Her parents expected her to help out around the house and at the family’s hardware store, get good grades, and go to college just as they did her two sighted sisters. She struggled to read print through thick glasses and deal with bullies.

“Although I wish that I had learned Braille as a child, I am forever grateful that my parents never let me get out of work because of my eyesight,” Wharton said. “I actually learned some ways of doing things non-visually that I didn’t even realize. This was the best thing they could do to prepare me for adult life.”

Attendees can learn about blindness and the different programs the state has to offer.

Call Carol Flickinger 712-887-1109 or Bonnie Kennedy at 515- 571-0142 for more information.