How do politicians define border safety?

To the editor:

How do politicians define border security and how would they make our southern border safe and secure? Democrats are sure to say 1) more border agents are needed and 2) more technology is needed but for good measure would add that a wall is immoral (a new [Nancy] Pelosi talking point). Republicans would agree with 1 and 2, but would add the need for a physical barrier (call it a wall, a fence, or whatever). Border Patrol agents deserve whatever means are necessary to reduce illegal activity at the border. More agents may be needed. But just how many additional agents would be enough to be deployed every quarter mile, half mile, or however often to be sure to immediately apprehend illegal immigrants at any point along the border? Because if apprehensions are not made at the border it becomes a process of hide-and-go-seek. Illegal immigrants hide and agents go seek. I am sure thousands disappear into the countryside and are never caught unless agents are at that exact area of the border at the exact time of the illegal entry. More technology means drones and sensors, which I am sure are already being used. However, drones and sensors don’t arrest people or slow them down. A physical barrier (a wall, costing one-ninth of 1 percent of the federal budget), where appropriate, would provide agents more time to converge on an area where sensors and/or drones have indicated people are climbing over, digging under or breaking through the wall. And what better place would there be for sensors than attached to a physical barrier?

If a wall is now considered immoral, then it was immoral in 2006 and 2013 when Pelosi and [Chuck] Schumer (and even [President Barack] Obama) supported the need for a physical barrier (they called it fencing). So what has changed? One word — Trump. Democrats and the mainstream media absolutely HATE him and the Democrats have no desire to give him ANYTHING to use as a gain with voters. If Pelosi is adamant in her belief that a wall is immoral then I suggest she, as leader of the Democrat-controlled House, introduce legislation to remove all existing physical barriers along the border. Go for it Nancy. It would be interesting how Democrats would vote. I suspect it would confirm what Democrats have wanted all along — an open porous border for all to come at anytime from anywhere for any reason.

Chuck Peterson

Fort Dodge