Bullies, their role models, should be accountable

To the editor:

I think bullies learn to be bullies from their role models, or their parents; role models demonstrate that bullying is OK by them bullying another person.

Because kids learn what they live, actions speak louder than words. If they observe their parents, or role models, bullying somebody, and that makes them think its acceptable. If those kids who bully aren’t corrected, and they don’t change their ways, their children will most likely become bullies.

So the parents or role models of bullies should be held accountable for their children’s actions. Also, they should be publicly shamed, by means of publishing the incidents in local newspapers to shame and humiliate the bully’s parents, and the kids who are doing the bullying. No protecting their identity because they are a minor child. They are not a VICTIM of a bully, they are the bully, the one doing harm to another child! I think it would require them being publicly shamed in order to change their behavior!

Rachel Peterson