Appreciates Sen. Kraayenbrink

To the editor:

When asked, no one wants to pay more taxes. This year the Iowa Legislature is taking up the proposal of increasing the state’s fuel tax by 10 cents per gallon to help fund our deteriorating roads and bridges.

Originally, newly elected state Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink was opposed to raising the gas tax as he does not support an increase in taxes of any kind; however after thoughtful consideration he now supports a fuel tax increase.

Sen. Kraayenbrink has listened to many of his constituents and now fully understands that many city and county governments have had to use bonding as a mechanism to repair roads/bridges as current funding sources were no longer adequate. That’s not being fair to our businesses and property owners who now carry the future brunt of paying for our infrastructure needs.

An increase in the fuel tax is the fairest and most equitable means. Those that drive the most will pay the most via the fuel tax and most importantly, approximately 25 percent of the revenue will come from out-of-state drivers who purchase our gas and use our roads too.

I would like to publicly thank Sen. Kraayenbrink for his support on this issue and standing up for what is fair and equitable for all Iowans and out-of-state drivers who use our infrastructure the most.

Michael Becker