Back Iowa Central Tuesday

$25.5 million bond proposal will help our region thrive

Iowa Central Community College is an enormous asset to all of north central Iowa.

Not only does it provide affordable educational opportunities, Iowa Central also helps make certain that workers with the right technical skills are available to present and future employers.

It’s no exaggeration to claim that the continued growth and success of this college is a vital component of the economic-development strategy for our region.

On Tuesday, voters in nine counties will go to the polls in a special election. They are being asked to approve the issuance of $25.5 million in general obligation bonds. This funding is crucial to the college’s well-being. During the last several weeks, The Messenger has explained in detail how these funds will be used and why the college needs these additional resources.

Dr. Dan Kinney, president of Iowa Central, has said that if approved this funding will support “the college’s efforts in three areas; workforce training; accessible, affordable education; and revitalization of northwest Iowa.”

The cost to area residents of approving this bond proposal is very modest.

A homeowner whose residence has an assessed value of $100,000 will pay about $1 more a month in taxes. For a 500-acre farm with an assessed value of $2,000 per acre the additional taxes would be slightly more than $8 per month.

After more than 50 highly successful years — characterized by phenomenal growth — there are an array of projects and initiatives that must be financed adequately if the decades ahead are to see that superb track record not only continue, but be surpassed. The viability of Iowa Central is vital to the continued prosperity of this part of the Hawkeye State.

Not approving this bond request would make it harder for the college to fulfill a mission that is vitally important to the region. Failure to approve this bond proposal would be a huge mistake.

Consequently, The Messenger gives its full support to this funding request. The simple truth is that unless we invest further in Iowa Central now, the future of our region will be less bright than it could be.

Show your support for Iowa Central and north central Iowa by voting “yes” at the polls Tuesday.