Motocross coming to OHV park

-Submitted graphic
A map shows the motocross track being built at the Gypsum City OHV Park.

Motocross riders will soon have a new place to put their racing skills to the test in Fort Dodge.

A motorcycle-only motocross track is to be built at the Gypsum City OHV Park this summer, according to Matt Cosgrove, Webster County Conservation director.

Some preliminary plans and a design were revealed during a presentation about the OHV park Thursday afternoon.

The track is to to be located east of the maintenance shed, according to Cosgrove.

Teddy Maier, a local rider, will be leading the effort to build the track.

Maier, a native of Fort Dodge, started riding when he was 4 years old, he said.

“My first race was at the Webster County Fairgrounds and it took off from there,” Maier said. “I have an older brother who rides too and my family spent our weekends traveling together with our camper and dirt bikes going to race tracks all over.”

Maier wants to share his love of riding by helping build the track at the OHV Park.

“Some of the best riders were born in Fort Dodge and I feel honored to get to work on a track that future riders to come will get to ride on,” he said.

He said funding for the track has been approved, although specific numbers have not yet been shared.

The proposed track includes jumps, rollers and whoops.

Whoops are series of smaller hills. Rollers are a small section of track that resemble rolling hills.

The track will be open to all ages.

“With it being a more level area and better soil, the maintenance will be so much easier,” Maier said. “I plan to build a track that is safe, but fun for all levels of riders.”

Cosgrove said details and a schedule are still being finalized.