Riley facing multiple burglary charges

Michael Riley

A Fort Dodge man is facing multiple burglary charges stemming from three incidents this month.

Michael Lee Riley, 33, of 2291 160th St., has been charged with one count of first-degree burglary, one count of second degree burglary and one count of third-degree burglary from three separate incidents involving a female victim.

According to charging documents, the second-degree burglary charge, a Class C felony, stems from an incident on Feb. 21 when Riley is alleged to have attempted to gain entry to the victim’s home through a window. Further, Riley is alleged to have left several pieces of paper on the victim’s car.

The third-degree burglary charge, a Class D felony, stems from an incident on Feb. 22 when Riley is alleged to have entered the victim’s home and removed a mattress, bed frame and bed topper.

The first-degree burglary charge, a Class B aggravated felony, resulted after Riley is alleged to have sent a video to the victim after having entered her home on Feb. 22.

The complaint alleges that Riley was shown on the video attempting to question the victim and touching her inappropriately while being asked repeatedly to stop.

Magistrate William Habhab set bond for Riley at $100,000 for the first-degree burglary charge, $10,000 for the second-degree burglary charge and $5,000 for the third-degree burglary charge. He also scheduled a preliminary hearing and bond review for March 2.

Riley remains in the Webster County Jail.