13 Days of Halloween

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen
The Messenger’s 13 Days of Halloween kicks off this year with a wide variety of skeletons ranging from a full-sized horse to a tiny mouse that fill the yard at 1309 Eighth Ave. N. in Fort Dodge. The whimsical creation, which includes the werewolf chasing the skeleton at left, is the work of Kathryn Merseal and Chris Gord. Merseal said the dog skeletons were barely noticed by their dogs, “They don’t care one iota,” she said. “It’s all the people that stop.” The couple begins planning for the display several months in advance and added several new things this year, including the headless horseman and a tree crafted from fiberglass. Each tombstone is also hand-painted. To nominate a display call 573-2141, ext. 472, or email hmadsen@messengernews.net.