Otho, Dakota City awarded community development grants

Will improve storm sewer, well

Otho will be upgrading its storm sewers, thanks to a Community Development Block Grant.

Dakota City also received a CDBG for construction of a new well, the Iowa Economic Development Authority announced last week.

This fix will reduce the amount of inflow and infiltration of storm water into Otho’s sanitary sewers, said City Clerk Glenda Rasmussen.

“We’re installing a large cross-section of storm sewer in the city. Kind of directly in the middle of the city,” Rasmussen said.

The town received a grant of $274,411, with a commitment for $224,519 from local and other sources.

Not only will this keep clean storm water out of the lagoon, it should help the storm water flow better. The town’s current system was really not designed for a town.

“We really don’t have a storm sewer system here. A lot of it is the old county drainage tile, and it’s original,” Rasmussen said. “It doesn’t necessarily function so well. People sometimes have water problems in their basements. This should go a long way to alleviate those problems too.”

This is the third time the town has applied, she said.

“It’s pretty competitive,” said Rasmussen.

Now that the contract with the IEDA is signed, the town can proceed, she said. The grant will be administered by the MIDAS council of governments. Bidding will likely be done between November and January, with work done next spring or summer.

Dakota City received a $300,000 grant, with $340,500 from local sources toward the project.

The city will construct a new well, and abandon the existing well that does not produce enough quality water. The project includes electrical and control upgrades, and site work to meet Iowa Department of Natural Resources separation distances.