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7 days in-state mail delivery of The Messenger

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A subscription to The Messenger delivers to your doorstep the area’s most complete report on the Fort Dodge region, while saving you hundreds each week in money saving coupons and advertising offers.

The Messenger offers a convenient way for you to pay for your subscription. Sign up for Easy Pay and we will automatically charge your credit card for the first month. During that month a customer service specialist will contact you to set up the reoccurring billing.

All newspaper subscribers also have All Access to our digital editions. With All Access you can read the newspaper on your computer, tablet or smart phone and have full access to www.Messengernews.net.

Easy Pay terms

By purchasing this subscription you agree to following terms & conditions:

I authorize The Messenger to pay my monthly subscription by charging my credit card. I understand I will no longer receive renewal notices from The Messenger. I authorize The Messenger to continue my subscription unless I notify The Messengers to cancel it.

I understand my credit card will be charged on a reoccurring monthly basis for the duration of my subscription unless I notify The Messenger to cancel it. I understand I must subscribe for at least one year to receive this special rate.

I understand, upon notification, I will still be able to stop my paper for vacations and the The Messenger extend my subscription. This offer cannot be used in combination with any other special discounts

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