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Gowrie teen follows brother's influence

Alliger shows champions

September 29, 2013

GOWRIE - It took a lifetime for Alex Alliger to reach a goal he set for himself as a child.

The Gowrie teen and recent high school graduate has been around cattle and swine his entire life, and has been showing them at fairs and shows for nearly as long.

"I've been around it my whole life," said Alliger.

Alliger was influenced by his older brother, Aaron, who took top honors as a grand champion in the 4-H Market Beef show at the Iowa State Fair in 2003.

"My brother has been my influence since he had the champion steer 10 years ago," said Alliger. "He gave me the motivation to do it."

Alliger set a goal for himself to one day become an Iowa State Fair champion and continued to show cattle and swine for the Gowrie Groundbreakers 4-H Club, and during his high school years, with the Prairie Valley/Southeast Webster Grand FFA chapter.

Fact Box

4-H fair results


4-H'ers competed at the Iowa State Fair in three categories of oral communication-educational presentations, working exhibits and extemporaneous speaking. In educational presentations, the 4-H'ers taught their audience about a topic they selected and researched. In working exhibits, the 4-H'ers invited passers-by to try a skill they demonstrate. In extemporaneous speaking, the 4-H'ers prepared a speech in 30 minutes and delivered it to an audience.

"Almost any time fairgoers come into the 4-H Exhibits Building they can learn from a 4-H'er participating in a communications activity," said Mitchell Hoyer, program coordinator for Iowa State University Extension 4-H Youth Development. "Effective communication means appealing to the interests of your audience."

Webster County presenters and the results of their efforts follow:

EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS-Brooklin Border, Fort Dodge, Merit; Morgan Border, Fort Dodge , Merit; Josh and Ben Carlson, Gowrie, and Jarrett Loeske, Gowrie, Excellence; Claire Fleming, Fort Dodge, Merit; Cooper Fleming, Fort Dodge, Merit; Jessica Jordison, Fort Dodge , Merit; Rebecca Nellis, Fort Dodge, Merit; Caitlin Pace, Dayton, Excellence; Hannah Peterson, Harcourt, Merit; Katelyn Pliner, Fort Dodge, Merit; Rachel Rethwisch, Fort Dodge, Excellence; Justin Vaughan, Fort Dodge, Merit

SHARE THE FUN -Ashton Acree, Fort Dodge, Recognition; Randy Andrews, Dayton, Recognition; Dartangan Dohrn, Fort Dodge and Lilly McMahon, Fort Dodge, Recognition; Ashley Nieland, Fort Dodge, Recognition; Rebecca Nellis, Fort Dodge, Recognition; Emma Stuhrenberg, Clare, and Erin Eldridge, Clare, Recognition

WORKING EXHIBITS - Evan Anderson, Vincent, and Daven Rees, Duncombe, Excellence; Madison Anderson, Vincent, and Mallory Hammitt, Vincent, Excellence; Nick Corey, Fort Dodge, Josh Gibbons, Harcourt, and Tommy Lennon, Duncombe, Exellence; Dallas and Derek Hammitt, Vincent, and Danny Mallinger, Clare, Excellence; Elizabeth Hildreth, Humboldt, and Olivia Hildreth, Humboldt, Merit ; Hannah Rees, Duncombe, Christine Housken, Lehigh, and Cassidy Lambert, Lehigh, Recognition

EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING - Rebecca Nellis, Fort Dodge, Excellence; Katelyn Pliner, Fort Dodge, Excellence


Webster County 4-H'ers earned awards for their efforts in several areas at the 2013 Iowa State Fair. They select projects and set goals early in the 4-H year. It is an honor to have an item selected to exhibit at the state fair. These projects were selected at the Webster County Fair which was held in July.

"Counties send many beautiful examples of skill mastery in all categories," said Mitch Hoyer, program coordinator for Iowa State University Extension 4-H Youth Development. 4-H'ers received placings on their exhibits based on how well they meet their goals and on the evaluation standards set for a particular item."

Webster County exhibitors and their awards are:

Kelsey Albrecht, Duncombe, Health, Red; & Food, Blue; Abby Anderlik, Dayton, Home Improvement, Blue & Food, Blue; Libby Anderlik, Dayton, Visual Art, Blue; & Sewing, Red; Carrie Anderson, Fort Dodge, Visual Art, Red; & Sewing, Blue; Madison Bodholdt, Fort Dodge, Food, Blue; Maddy Christensen, Lohrville, Home Improvement, Red; Caryn Dawson, Fort Dodge, Home Improvement, Blue; Haley Dow, Fort Dodge, Home Improvement, Blue; Daniel Eslick, Dayton, Mechanics, Blue; Jaynie Ferrari, Dayton, Food, Blue; Jossie Ferrari, Dayton, Photography, Blue; Mallory Hammitt, Vincent, Visual Art, Red; Alexis Hanson, Gowrie, Food, White; Lauren Harris, Fort Dodge, Photography, Blue; Anna Heatherington, Fort Dodge, Photography, Blue; & Food, Blue; Elizabeth Hildreth, Humboldt, Food, Red; Tommy Lennon, Duncombe, Child Development, Blue; Ahren Marburger, Gowrie, Food, Blue; Stephanie Martin, Vincent, Crop Production, Blue; & Photography, Blue; Olivia Mitchell, Duncombe, 4-H Poster, Excellence; Jayden Muench, Ogden, Veterinary Science, Blue; & Citizenship, Blue; Rebecca Nellis, Fort Dodge, Environment, Blue; Photography, Blue; Sewing, Blue; & Leadership, Blue; Katelyn Pliner, Fort Dodge, Clothing, Blue; Colton Rasmussen, Duncombe, Woodworking, Blue; Rachel Rethwisch, Fort Dodge, Photography, Blue, Red; Jaclyn Rittgers, Gowrie, Photography, Blue; Justin Schild, Fort Dodge, Woodworking, Blue; Zoe Schneider, Gowrie, Woodworking, Blue; Jessica Shirbroun, Callender, Photography, Blue; Emma Stuhrenberg, Clare, Science & Technology, Blue; Jamie Vaughan, Fort Dodge, 4-H Poster, Excellence; Katie Walrod, Moorland, Photography, Red; Aubrey Walsh, Fort Dodge, Visual Art, Blue; & Photography, Blue; Darien Walsh, Fort Dodge, Visual Art, Red; Photography, Blue; & Clothing, Blue; Kelsey West, Claire, Visual Art, Red.

Webster County 4-H'ers also participated in the 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event for Fashion Revue, and $15 Challenge for the Iowa State Fair. Rebecca Nellis, Fort Dodge, was entered in Clothing Selection. Kelsey Albrecht, Duncombe and Rachel Rethwisch, Fort Dodge, submitted entries for Fashion Revue. Hannah Peterson, Harcourt participated in the $15 Challenge. They all received participation ribbons.

Other Special Awards:

Daniel Eslick was the recipient of a $500 4-H Scholarship from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Iowa State University for his go cart that was a Science, Engineering, and Technology exhibit.

Jossie Ferrari was a Medal Winner for her photograph that was considered for the 4-H Gallery Award (Sponsored by Professional Photographers of Iowa).

Rebecca Nellis's environment project received a 2013 Iowa Tree Farm Special Recognition Award.


Webster County 4-H youth again showed livestock during the first and second week of the Iowa State Fair.

"Youth gain so many positive skills by exhibiting livestock," Mike Anderson, 4-H agriculture superintendent said. "The dedication, responsibility, decision-making and leadership they develop can prepare them for careers that utilize these skills."

Webster County exhibitors placed as follows:


Garrett Barker, Manson, received a Blue for Ranch Horse Western Pleasure; Red for Barrel Racing; and a White for Flags.

Kourtney Condon, Barnum, received a Purple, for Horse Showmanship, Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship; a Blue for Western Pleasure (horse only); and a Purple for Western Horsemanship (Horse or Pony).

Mackenzie Nelson, Manson, received a Blue for Halter Geldings; a Purple for Western Pleasure (Horse or Pony); a Purple for Western Pleasure (Horse Only); & a Blue for Horse Showmanship.

Jenna Sankey, Manson, received a Purple for Horse Showmanship; a Purple for Hunter Under Saddle (Horse Only); a Blue for Hunt Seat Equitation (Horse or Pony); a Blue for Western Horsemanship (Horse or Pony); and a Purple for Trail, Champion Senior Trail.


Alex Alliger, Gowrie, received a first-place Purple for his Maine-Anjou Steer which was also selected as Champion Maine Anjou steer and a second-place Purple for his Market Crossbred Steer. His Maine-Anjou Steer was selected Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer.

Ben Carlson, Gowrie, received a Blue for Market Crossbred Steers; and a Blue for Showmanship.

Josh Carlson, Gowrie, received a Blue for Market Crossbred Steers; and a Purple for Showmanship.

Jaynie Ferrari, Dayton, received a Purple for Reserve Champion Breeding Charolais Cross; and a Blue for Showmanship.

Torrie Ferrari, Dayton, received a Purple with her Maintainer Breeding Heifer; and a Purple for Showmanship.

Alexis Hanson, Gowrie, received a first-place Purple for her Charolais Steer which was also selected as Champion Charolais steer and was selected 3rd Overall Market Steer; plus she received a Blue for Showmanship.

Jordan Johnson, Fort Dodge, received two Purples for Breeding Angus.

Bailey Walrod, Moorland, received a Purple for Market Heifers.

Carson Walrod, Moorland, received a Blue for Breeding Limousin.

Katie Walrod, Moorland, received a Blue for Breeding Limousin.


Owen Oeltjenbruns, Dayton, received a Blue for Performance Lamb; and two Blues for Black Face Commercial Ewe.

Tracy Oeltjenbruns, Dayton, received a Blue for Performance Lamb.

Raechel Spangler, Eagle Grove, received a Blue for Performance Lamb; two Blues for Black Face Commercial Ewe; three Blues for Market Lambs; and a Blue for Showmanship.


Tielyr Clabaugh, Badger, received a Blue for Light Weigh Market Gilts; and a Blue for Showmanship.

Bryce Fevold, Farnhamville, received a Blue for Medium Weight Market Barrows; a Blue for Medium Weight Market Gilts; two Blues for Commercial Gilts; and a Blue for Showmanship.


Patrick Carter, Fort Dodge, received a Blue for Pre-Novice Obedience; and a Purple for Intermediate Handling.

Maddy Christensen, Lohrville, received a Blue for Sub-Novice Obedience.

Haley Ledford, Fort Dodge, received a Purple for Intermediate Handling & Obedience.

Sadie Lewman, Farnhamville, received a Blue for Senior Obedience.


Emma Kiefer, Lehigh, received a Blue for Senior Buck Fancy; a Blue for Rabbit Roaster; a Blue for Senior Doe Commerical; and a Purple for Senior Buck Fancy, Best of Breed Mini Lop.

Karrigan Mentzer, Lehigh, received a Purple for Senior Buck Fancy; a Blue for Junior Buck Fancy; a Purple for Junior Doe Fancy; a Blue for Senior Doe Fancy; a Purple for Junior Buck Fancy, Best Opposite Sex of Variety Mini Rex; a Red for Intermediate Showmanship.

"It's been a goal my whole lifetime to have a champion," said Alliger.

A decade after his older brother, Alex Alliger did just that and even exceeded his own expectations when he exhibited two steers and a hog at the State Fair.

Alliger's hog was crowned the 2013 Iowa State Fair grand champion market hog which sold for a record $41,000 in the sale of champions.

Taking home the top honors was no easy task as competitors in the State Fair swine show are up against more than 1,000 other hogs in their class and breed divisions.

"You start out and there are probably more than 1,000 hogs," he said. "First you have to win your class round and then the breed division to go on to the championship rounds. I really didn't think my hog would make it, and it ended up setting a new record. That was pretty cool."

Alliger said he was also pleasantly surprised with the outcome of his steer in competition. It was named the reserve champion market steer, selling for $31,500 in the sale of champions, a new record for a reserve champion.

"I actually thought out of the two of them that the other one would have done better," he said.

"I was excited that I exceeded my own expectations and met my goal. I've always wanted to have a champion and I had two of them in the same year."

Although his 4-H days are over, Alliger said he can continue to show with FFA.

"I plan to keep it up," he said. "You can do FFA shows until you're 21 and that is what I want to do."



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